Egyptian Hunger Strike


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September 22, 2015
Cairo, Egypt

About 170 political prisoners are on a hunger strike in Egyptian prisons according to the ‘We Have Had Enough’ movement which is supporting the action. The first prisoner was Egyptian American Mohamed Soltan who has now been striking for more than 240 days.
Outside the prisons more than 100 people, including journalists, doctors, engineers and lawyers, have joined the hunger strike in sympathy with the prisoners and against the law prohibiting protest demonstrations.
Among the hunger strikers is 22 year old Ahmad Mandouh, a 6th year medical student at Cairo University, who also monitors the health of his fellow strikers. Most of the strikers stop eating for 24 to 48 hours but Ahmad and a number of others continue for indefinite periods, breaking their strike for one day from time to time.
‘We Have Had Enough’ says the strike will go on until all political prisoners are released.

Shot List / Soundbites

0'- Ahmad tells the 4 other hunger strikers based in the Eish & Horreya (Bread and Freedom) party premises to wake up in the morning.

10'- Two of the guys in the room prepare for their hygienc morning visit to the toilet.

15'- Ahmad prepares his tools to conduct medical tests.

21'- He has a notebook to follow the medical evolution of the strikers

26'- I'm supervising the strike, the medical situation of the strikers. I follow them up looking for the medical status and doing medical examination for them taking blood presure and taking blood glucose level to follow them up if someone get tired or get sick, so I can help him early.

50'- Ahmad measures the blood presure of one of the strikers

57'- Ahmad measures the blood glucose levels

1' 09'- He explains the situation of one of the strikers: “He striked about one week and he broke the strike and now he just started over again”

1'19''- Blood pressure from close range

1'30'' – Next striker

1'33''- Zoom on Ahmad

1'37''- I think (The Hunger Strike) it's a new strategy. We can support each other, we can support the prisoners, We can brake the protest law if we join and support each other. Actually we sacrifice our lives to brake the law and to support the prisoners and to ask the government to free them out. So I think it can help, the strike.

2'11''- It's a great thing that Mahienour got released, we are so happy, but we still have prisoners so we will continue our strike until our political prisoners get out from the jail and

2'27''- The guys chat in the room were they spend most of their time

2'33''- Another point of view

2'37''- My name is Yasser Mohamed, from the 6 of April movement. I'm 21 and have been on Hunger Strike for 7 days... (TRANSLATION MISSING)

2'54''- Ahmad heads to the Journalists Syndicate to meet and test other strikers there.

3'03''- Syndicate of journalists

3'06''- The strikers gather in the lobby of the Syndicate

3'12''- Ahmad prepares his tools yet again

3'17'' Turn for a girl to be tested.

3'21'- Posters hanging in the lobby of the syndicate

3'25''- Omar gets his blood glucose levels tested

3'36''- Omar, a freelance journalist: “We are on the second Hunger Strike. We made one on the 13 and 14 of September and now in 21 and 22 of September. Because we are against the protest law. Its against our democratic rights

4'01''- REPEATED

4'06''- A view of the gathering

4'11- END