Drone Crashes in Raqqa (Video)


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September 23, 2014
Raqqa, Syria

IS fighters and civilians collect the debris from a drone that crashed into a telecommunications tower in Clock Square, in central Raqqa. The origin of the drone is yet to be identified.

Abu Ahmad, civilian:

"We were able to take down an American jet the first time one flew over Raqqa."

Abu Abdullah, Police man:

"Thank God an American jet was shot down. When they hit the telecommunication tower, they lost control. This is a joy for the Muslims and proof that God is by our side and our state will remain."

Abu Lhatoun, IS fighter:

"They keep saying they have jets and they have weapons, but we have fighters who love death as much as they love life. The sky is owned by God and so is the land, and he will give it to who God wants. The drone hit the telecommunication tower and crashed."

Mohammad Ahmed, Civillian:

"We woke up to the sound of explosions in the early morning, and the shelling continued between 3-4 am. I then came here to find that drone had crashed after it hit the telecommunication tower."

Ibrahim Mahmoud:

"At 5am, a drone hit the telecommunication tower in Raqqa city. So we came and found the pieces in the streets, why are they doing this, we are Muslims."

Hatem Khalaf, University student:

"At 4am we woke up to the sound of explosion after a drone hit the telecommunication tower in Raqqa. The pieces of the plane were spread across the city."

Fadel Zida, Civilian:

"A drone crashed after it hit a telecommunications tower in Raqqa at 4 am. We tell America, we are not afraid."