FSA Offensive Against IS near Aleppo


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September 21, 2014
al-Sabit, Aleppo Province, Syria

After the battles between ISIS and the FSA, control of rural areas north of Aleppo went to ISIS, from (al-Raei) town to (Azaaz). ISIS now controls an area that runs from (al-Raei) south to the town of (Marei) and the villages of (Souran) and (Ehtemilat), ISIS now holds a straight line from (al-Bab) city in eastern Aleppo to the town of (Marea). where a number of opposition armed factions are now participating in the ongoing battle. to the east, fighters from the (Nour al-Din al-Zinki) movement in (Ehtimilat) and (Souran) are fighting along side fighters from the (Fajr al-Horeya) brigade, and the (Jaish al-Mojahideen), all affiliated to the FSA and the fighters of the (Islamic Front).
On the other hand lines are being formed and held in the town of (Raii) in northern rural Aleppo, where fighters from the (Islamic Front) have the biggest presence with fighters from (al-Nusra) brigade.
up till this moment the lines mentioned above are holding and no advances from any side were recorded. only mutual artillery fire is an indication to an active front.


Speaker: “Allahu Akbar. We are now in the northern area. The Free Syrian army is engaged in freeing the town of Al Sabit. We are standing next to the mosque of Al Sabit, fighting against Al-Baghdadi’s troops. With us now is the leader of this offensive. Abu Ali, tell us about this battle.”

Abu Ali: “Thanks be to God, who helped us come into this town, and we were thankfully able to free it from those dogs. Hopefully we’ll advance even further up into the town’s gate.”

Speaker: “These people are part of a gathering of the inhabitants of Al Sabit to free the town. Here with us is Abu Mahmoud. Abu Mahmoud, what comments do you have?”

Abu Mahmoud: “I’m not available for comment now.”

Speaker: “Hamid, what do you want to say about the current situation?”

Hamid: “When the bullets started to fire at my car with Abu Youssef inside, I tried to open the door, but they shut it and kept it closed with all of us inside.”

Speaker: “So we’re actually talking to Hamid, the living martyr. And now we’re with another fighter, Abu Youssef. Earlier we tried talking to him but he was called away. Now what do you have to say?”

Abu Youssef: “Whoever God blesses with long life will not be harmed no matter what. Hopefully God will protect us all. Allahu Akbar.”

Speaker: Now I’m crouching down to show the car that we escaped out of. No one can believe anyone came out of it alive, but we all did by the grace of God. Here is the car. Its tires were shot and the whole left side is full of bullet holes. Thanks be to God that we came out of it in safety. Here are more fighters working to free the town. Allahu Akbar.

Commander giving orders to soldiers: “We’re going to advance in groups of three. I’ll go first and no one ask any questions. Cover me. I’ll go and hide behind that tank. Follow me. Now go and hide next to those tires.