Renewed FSA Offensive Against IS near Aleppo


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September 19-20, 2014
FSA front lines, in Northern Aleppo Province

In the lead up to possible American strikes in Syria, the Free Syrian Army has launched a renewed offensive against ISIS in northern Aleppo province. The FSA frontier extends for 70 KM from the town of Shaeer, in the south, to the Syrian-Turkish border in the north. Managed by Nahrawan al-Sham operation room, the FSA is using many light to heavy weaponry distributed along the frontier. ISIS is taking advantage of the gathering of FSA fighters to attack them with car bombs. This has forced the FSA to increase road blocks and searching points. The two sides continue to attack each other, as they have been for the past two months.

Sound Bites:
Sound Bite 1: (Man, Arabic)
Abu al-Abbas, Heavy weaponry brigade leader in the Nahrawan al-Sham operation room:
“We are now attacking ISIS locations from a 2400m distance with a locally made 90mm mortar. Thank God, we have a strong spirit and we are very motivated in the operation room”.

Sound Bite 2: (Man, Arabic)
Abu Maher, Field leader in Nahrawan operation room:
“We are now stationed in one of the attacking frontiers against ISIS. We are a part of the fighting groups located on the frontier, we are on the first line with ISIS. We are all one and we are all cooperating and working under the orders of the operation room. Throughout the night, many conflicts happen and, in the upcoming few days, there will be movement”.

Sound Bite 3: (Man, Arabic)
Abu al-Laith, a sector leader in the operation room:
“We are stationed and prepared to fight ISIS, we are working under one operation room and any move ISIS makes we will be ready to attack with mortars and heavy weaponry. The distance between us and them is 700 meters”.

Shot List:
Various shots of the fighters preparing the mortar to attack ISIS locations.
A shot of a locally made 90mm mortar firing towards ISIS locations.
Various shots of the fighters on the frontier where they fight ISIS.
Various shots of the FSA fighters aiming at ISIS with heavy weaponry.