Yazidis Take Refuge in Kurdish Controlled Syria


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August 11, 12, 13, 2014
Jezaa, Syria

Iraqi-Yazidi refugees from Sinjar arrive in Kurdish controlled areas of Syria after escaping the Sinjar mountains. Syrian-Kurdish forces secured a 90km passage to allow approximately 100,000 Yazidis escape the SInjar mountain range and take refuge in the Kurdish areas in Syria.

Speakers: (In Kurdish language)

Sound bite 1: Kleizar Hussein/Refugee: "We are starving and dehydrated, there is no milk for the children. Nobody came to rescue us and nobody is supporting us, we are homeless".

Sound bite 2: Saeed Qawad/Refugee: "At 5 o'clock they started their attack against us. They told us there were 6000 fighters from the Peshmerga, but we did not see any of them. The attack continued until the morning, when the peshmerga withdrew and left us alone. They [ISIS] kidnapped thousands of our women and slaughtered thousands.

We could not even bury the dead bodies lying on the ground.

We do not care about Iraq or the oil in Iraq. We do not want Kurdistan either, all we want is America. We are a minority, they should have us moved somewhere else far away from Muslims. We are not a nation, we do not kill people, we do not have any profession. They slaughtered thousands with a knife, what religion and what prophet would accept that? There are nearly 3000 corpses left on the ground in the Sinjar area, and hundreds of children dead from dehydration".

Sound bite 3: Sido Ali/Refugee: "We are all refugees, and poor. We have no food or water, or even a place to sleep in. They should provide us with our needs".

Sound bite 4: Khedr Khedr/Refugee: "When an ISIS member recognized me, he covered his face immediately and told the other to not take my car. We grew up together and that is why they did not take me, but still they killed two uncles of mine, Sido and Juko. They caught them while they were returning home, placed them on the sidewalk and killed them. It was very painful for me to see that, there are thousands of victims, I swear."

Shot list:

Shots of Sinjar refugees as they speak.

Shots of the passage they walk in.

Shots of the transportation units that arrived from the Syrian-Kurdish area to take the Yazidis from the mountain.

Shots of receiving the refugees in the Syrian area of Jezaa.

Shots of the refugees as they wait to be transferred into a safe area.