Syrian Militants Clash With Lebanese Army in Arsal


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August 3, 2014
Arsal, Lebanon

Syrian militants clash with Lebanese Army soldiers in the town of Arsal, east of Lebanon.
According to the Lebanese National News Agency, NNA, Syrian Islamists launched a series of assaults on Saturday, August 2nd, after the Lebanese army arrested the Al-Nusra Front commander Imad Jumaa.

Sergeant George Khouri, north of al-Qoubaiyat

Nahi Bou Khalfoun, Rachaya, al-Wadi

Soldier Mohamad Hamiye, Shmustar

Soldier Mohamad al-Kadri, Ghazze, West Bekaa

Soldier Ibrahim Shaaban, North of Akkar

Soldier Ahmed Gheye, North of Akkar

Wael Darwish, Cheheem

Rayan Salam, Deir al-Ahamr, Rachaya, al-Wadi