Child Sacrifice Survivor in Uganda


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Created by Francis Bahene Tumwekwasize

31 Jul 2014

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Robert is one of the few children who have survived child sacrifice. He was kidnapped by a witch doctor in the Mukono district, about 70 kilometres away from Kampala. The boy bares the scars of the attempted murder on his neck and is now undergoing rehabilitation at Kyampisi Child Care Ministries’ rehabilitation centre in Kisasi a suburb of Uganda’s capital Kampala.

Robert was lucky. He was rescued when unconscious and rushed to the hospital in Kampala. Most children who are kidnapped are never seen again. Most of the time, their bodies are found in pieces.

Child sacrifice has become common practice in different parts of Uganda and other countries in East and Central Africa. People believe that bloodletting and the acquisition of certain human and animal body parts brings great prosperity.

In 2009, the Uganda Government instituted an Anti-Human sacrifice task force as one of the measures to curb down the vice. Despite this effort, child sacrifice cases are instead steadily increasing.

Rising levels of development and prosperity as well as an increasing belief that witchcraft can help people get rich quickly, are believed to be among the reasons behind this increase.

The Kyampisi Child Care helps child sacrifice survivors and their families rebuild their lives and overcome the trauma. The organization has helped over ten victims since its creation in 2009.
Witch doctors suspected to have carried out ritual child sacrifices are often acquitted due to the lack of political will and clear laws on child sacrifice.

00:03- Mid shot of Nakiwala walking while carrying his grand son Robert
00:19- Close up of Robert and grandmother’s head
00:26- Tight close up of a scar around Robert’s neck
00:34- Mid shot of Nakwala talking to two care takers at the Rehab. Centre
00:46- Mid shot of Robert’s grandmother trying to get where to sit

01:25- SOUND BITE 1: YOWANI NAKIWALA- Robert’s grandmother
LUGANDA: One that day I left him alone at home and went to the church to pray, when I came back I found him laying on a mat in a pool of blood
01:49- Mid shot of Robert’s photograph laying on a hospital bed

01:58- SOUND BITE 2: YOWANI NAKIWALA- Robert’s grandmother.
LUGANDA: “His neck was almost falling off like this, the Doctors worked on him and dressed him with a collar around his neck, at least now you can see the neck is regaining strength, but the arms are still paralyzed, he cannot move them like this.”

02:29- Close up Robert’s legs
02:33- Wide shot of Robert and his grand mother
02:37- Wide shot of pastor Peter Sewakiryanga watching footage of the victims of child sacrifice
O2:47- Wide shot of Pastor Peter playing videos on computer
03:00- Newspaper cuttings of the victims of child sacrifice
03:06- Close up of News cuttings
03:14- Pastor Peter watching videos of the children he looks after singing
03:23- Close up of pastor peters face
03:30- Shot of pastor walking out of his office
03:42- Mid shot pastor talking to one of his assistants

“The condition we find them is quite sad, those that die we find their bodies completely a part, the head is different; they have cut the head and drain the blood and cut their body parts. They can cut the stomach and take the organs out of their bodies. They are shocking incidences, shocking pictures. Those that survive need huge medical attention.”

04:18 -Wide shot of children playing in one of the streets of Kampala city suburb.
04:25. Wide shot of Pastor Peter checking the web site
04:30. Pastor Peter showing the photograph of late 5-year-old, Sarah, who was killed.
04:35- close up of late Sarah

“Children are sacrifice because there is a growing belief that when you sacrifice a child, you get wealth, you get protection, you get healing and this belief which is a lie has spread all over the country and there has not been a tiger reaction from the Government or from people concerned to be able to educate masses that you don’t have to kill a child to get wealth or you don’t have to kill a child to get protection. Wealth comes from hard work, protection comes from God and because people are desperately poor and desperately in need of wealth issues, there is a witchdoctor in the community who claims to bring healing, to bring joy and happiness and blessings and the people go to that person and they are lied and they are sent for body parts of children.”

05:47- Close ups of Moses Binoga Police Commissioner ANTI- HUMAN SACRIFICE TASK FORCE

“15 victims were recorded, in 2010 it dropped to 9 children and then 2011 it dropped to 7 but 2012 it rose to 11 the official record of police and then 2013 it rose to 12 and then this year between the six month we have completed, we have had 7 children murdered under suspicious sacrifice incidences and then we have also had 3 adults who are suspects to have been sacrificed. So the crime is now rising and of course there is a big concern on what is happening.”

06:58- Zoom out shot of the alert post of child sacrifice.

“In 2009 for example we arrested 70 suspects and out of those we took 48 to court and most of these were charged with murder. You know there is a challenge, although the law of human trafficking is under prevention of human trafficking Act. There is still a problem of applying that law, so most of these cases we are still applying Penal code law of murder.”

07:45- Shot of box for donation in support of victims
07: 46- Mid shot of picture signing the petition to end child sacrifice
07:57- Robert Grand mother wiping tears on her face

08:09-SOUND BITE 7: YOWANI NAKIWALA- Robert’s grandmother.
LUGANDA Question: What are you going to do when you go back home?
YOWANI: “Now I am in great fear because I developed suspicion to almost everyone in my village because I have no idea about who could have done this to him. At least if the person was arrested that could be better. But now the person is not known and if he is from the same village he might come back to fulfil his mission I am very worried even the rest of the family members have left the home ever since the incident happened.”

08:49- Group photograph of survivors under the care of Kampisi childcare ministries.