Civil Defense Units in Aleppo Dig Child Out of Rubble


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May 30, 2014
Aleppo, Syria

Civil Defense Units in Aleppo attempt to rescue a young boy trapped under the rubble of building hit by a barrel bomb. Using shovels and pick axes, they eventually find the boy, but he is dead.

The Civil Defense Units are one the only emergency services left in Aleppo that are somewhat capable of offering help in the wake of bomb attacks and other war related incidents.

"The number of people in Hanano center are 29 members and there are five centers in Aleppo. We work as shifts, we are divided into groups and we take shifts so there are people working 24/7. Barrel bombs are being dropped, approximately 20-30 barrel bomb are being dropped everyday on Aleppo, and missiles, and for the last month-and-a-half they are dropping barrel bombs at night also. We formed the civil defense team that does the mission of searching and rescuing people, if a building falls apart and there are people alive buried underneath it, our job is to remove the rubble so we can save lives."

Shot List:

Team members of Civil Defense roam the streets of Bab Al-Nerb
The crew removed the debris
Neighbors help removing debris and searching for the missing
Detail of ruined house
Dirt and debris removed
Team members open a hole in the wall of a room
Removed debris from the hole
An excavator helps the team of civil defense
The excavator removes stones
Team members looking for the boy and dug with shovels

One member indicated the excavator moves
The blade of the bulldozer removes the stones
Team members work looking for child boy
They find the body
The father cries
Neighbors try to comfort the father
The members of the civil defense work still removing the debris
They take the child's body and looking for a car to take him to hospital
Interview with a member of the civil defense unit