Clashes between ISIL and FSA allied with Jabhat al Nosra in Syria near the border with Iraq


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Clashes between the ‘Majiles Shoura’ brigade and ISIL in the city of Al-Bukamal. The Majles Shoura brigade is a collective group of fighters from eastern Syria consisting of members from Jabhat al-Nusra, the Free Syrian Army and other Islamic fronts.

The video includes two interviews with militants in Al-Bukamal who deny that ISIL has gained control over the city. The last updates from the frontline said that ISIL had requested backup from Iraq and had been provided with 15 pieces of military equipment. Majles Shoura themselves received 50 pieces of military equipment and were able to drive ISIL out of the city.
ISIL took most of the city but fighting is ongoing.

Interview 1 - Fighter of the ‘Majles Shoura’ brigade:

‘We are coming to fight ISIL. Some of the brothers in Jabhet Al Nusra pledged their allegiance to ISIL and we cannot accept this. So we told them, 'those who leave their weapons are safe, and those who stay in their homes are also safe, and those who enter the mosques are safe.' This is because they are our brothers and families, so hopefully we will not have to fight them.

Interview 2 - Fighter in the ‘Majles Shoura’ brigade

We were able to surround the headquarters of ISIL. They had their [ISIL’s] members at the entrance. When they saw us, they ran away to these farms [pointing] and then, thank God, we were able to regain control over the entrance of their headquarters. Most of the rats are now hiding in their holes