Prostitutes in Brazil Demand More Rights

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  • OUT ITALY, BRAZIL AND SWITZERLAND The Brazilian prostitutes frequently give presents to exu, the afro-Brazilian divinity, to have money, safeness and maybe love. Exu is the guardian of axe, the energy that moves anything in the life’s aspects, included the riots of the Niteroi’s prostitutes. The atmosphere is tense for the “garotas de programa”, the prostitutes working independently and not in brothels disguised as saunas and nightclubs in Brazil. In Niteroi, a tourist town on the shore of Guanabara Bay, just opposite the Rio de Janeiro’s side, the prostitutes have demonstrated repeatedly in the street against the PM (Military Police) action that have dislodged by force and illegally about two hundred prostitutes from the Caixa’s brothel, where the women live and work. Despite the “Garotas” rent their apartments, they are actually prevented from working in the famous brothel self-administrated in the Avenida Amaral Peixoto in the centre of Niteroi. Prostitution is not a crime in Brazil, it has been a legalized profession since 2000. Prostitution is legalized by the Brazilian state, but prostitution houses aren't. The houses might be illegal, but aren't unusual in Brazil. Most of them are full of corruption and sexual exploitation. Taking advantage of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games that will be hosted by Brazil, the federal deputy Jean Wyllys presented the Grabriela Leite project of law in Brasilia. A project that aims to regulate the prostitutes' profession and rights. - OUT ITALY, BRAZIL AND SWITZERLAND -