Egyptians Discuss Economy Ahead of Ramadan


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11, June, 2014
Cairo, Egypt
Video shows dates market in Shubra, Cairo, prior to Ramadan, and interviews with people talking about the market situation in Egypt.

Mohamad Mustafa al-Bahrawi, Employee:
“Things are available but very expensive, and it is not obtainable by people with limited wages, this situation might be because things are imported from outside of Egypt or because of the greed of merchants”.

Um Eisa, Dates sales person:
“The market situation is really good and there is a huge turn out to buy things, and the prices are reasonable and obtainable by everybody except for the Syrian "Amr aldin" (a type of sweets made of apricot), which is a bit expensive. The turn out is huge because of their excitement for president al-Sisi”.