The Sisi Campaign


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The video is about the ways people supported Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. Some by themselves, some in a more organized way, but the campaign of Sisi lacked one thing: Sisi himself.

-Popular campaign: 0'00'' to 00'53'' (+ Quote 1'20'')

People hung posters in the streets of Cairo in advance of the Presidential Elections. Many people put their pictures together with the one of would-be presidential candidate Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, in order to get their image associated with the expected next president.

Mohamed Yousef, the owner of a Bakery (bread is subsidiez by the state), is one of those who hung his picture together with Sisi's and he explains that the military background of the former general and Minister of Defense (under which position he ousted the former and elected president Mohamed Morsi, from the Muslim Brotherhood) is enough to trust him:

QUOTE 0'36''

  • Tamarrod Office: 0'53 to 2'31''

As Sisi comes from a military background, he does not have a political party. One of the groups that sided by him, away from the popular campaign, is the Tamarrod (Rebel) Movement, which had splitted itself between Sisi supporters and non supporters beforehand. This group, allegedly linked to the military establishment on that time, collected millions of signatures to force Mohamed Mursi out of office. That move ended in the 30th of June, 2013 demonstrations and the ousting of the democratically elected President 3 days later.

Ramy Salah Eddin explains two things (See script), one linked to the fact that people hang posters on the streets and one about the unique campaign of Sisi, who never appeared in public.

In fact, Sisi didn't appear nor released a program before elections, but his vision. Just media interviews, a couple of Skype connections and many private meetings with businessmen, media men and unions, as well as foreign representatives. Hamdeen Sabahi, the other candidate, didn't see the EU special envoy, Catherine Ashton, for alleged problems with traffic.

Ramy's event: 2'30'' to 3'23''

Ramy, the Tamarrod Central Comitee member, was very interested in pleasing Sisi, and he organized an event in Abdeen Palace square (central Cairo) in support of him. Ramy's Tamarrod office in Sayeda Zeinab had become the campaign headquarters in the neighbourhood and Ramy claimed to have been personally greted by Sisi. The act, which counted also with the participation of the leader of the Gad Party, and Tamarrod's Mahmoud Bakr, was very important, perhaps, to Ramy's political future, but the attendance was very small.

People in Egypt assumed beforehand that Sisi was the only chance, and nobody cared about the campaign. Little is known about Sisi, who made his way through the armed forces. Yet people, believe him, mainly because he got rid of the Muslim Brotherhood.


0'00'' Banner in favor of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi signed by: World Unity for the Sufi Path. Zayeda Zeinab neighborhood.

0'04' A banner in which people from Sayeda Zeinab is together with the one of Sisi.

0'09'' Poster of a child with Sisi to street level.

0'18'' A banner in a street of Zayida Zeinab.

0'21'' An alley in Zayeda Zeinab, in front of Mohamed Yousef's bakery. He is under the photo.

0'25'' A zoom of the poster Mohamed Yousef has hanging on the street.

0'29'' Yousef checking his notes inside the bakery.

0'36'' Mohamed Yousef: "Because he’s patriot, we have the military organization culture.The one which always built Egypt was the military, the one who keeps it is the military. The Egyptian patriotism and the factory of men is the Egyptian army".

0'53'' Wide outside of the Tamarrod office in Zayeda Zeinab.

0'57'' detail of the Tamarrod…Rebel sign together with the official image of Sisi's campaign.

1'01'' Same than before from inside.

1'04'' Volunteers for the Sisi campaign inside Tamarrod's office

1'08'' Ramy Salah Eddin's banner in favor of Sisi in Tamarrod's campaign to center of the room.

1'15'' Ramy writing on his desk.

1'20'' "I am a special case because I am from the Central Committee member of the Rebel movement (Tamarrod), so it’s normal the existence of connection between us and Sisi, but there are people who put their photos beside his because they love him sincerely and they do this for nothing, they want just say that they love Scaff Sisi and some others who belongs to the former regime of Mubarak because they hope and dream if they did that they could be Member of Parliament at Sisi era.

1'55'' Zoom on Ramy

2'00'' When he renounced from the military (and accepted run for President), the Mushir (Leader of the armed forces) Sisi said that his campaign was going to be unconventional, a campaign which no one had seen before. Why? Because he is the Mushir Sisi, we see him as a unique man, unrepeatable like Naser. When he became a leader, Naser was The Only One and we are saying Sisi is only one. He is different from any one else.

2'31'' Ramy giving an interview in the event he organized in central Cairo.

2'36'' Closer look

2'41''Sisi's electoral campaign event attendance.

2'47'' A Sisi supporter with a tank over his head, a cross, an Egyptian flag and a photoshopped collage of Egyptian presidents, including Sisi.

2'51'' Looking to the stage

2'56'' Most of the place is empty.

3'01'' Ramy heading to the stage.

3'06'' Ramy on the stage.

3'13'' Zoom on the stage from the back of the room to wider view. Empty space.