Egyptian Presidential Elections 2014 between support and opposition


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May 23, 2014

Mansoura, Egypt

Report examines the views of some young people in connection with participation in the presidential elections in Mansoura, Egypt on the eve of the start of the electoral voting process.
The report shows a clear division within the Egyptian society about whether to participate in these elections.


I will vote for Sisi, because I think he is the most capable of ruling Egypt at this stage, and our country needs someone like him, someone who comes from a military background and who knows how things work. He is the only one who can rule, there is no one else.

I will not vote because this whole thing is a lie and my vote is not important. The government assigned one of them as a candidate so he would win and assigned the other one so he would make the elections look good. The elections are pointless and we as young men are pointless too.

I will vote for Hamdeen Sabbahi. I will vote for him because he has a great history in the national struggle. In the days of Mubarak, he was able to gather the young men around him. Even though the emigrant's votes were in favor of al-Sisi, the mass of voters is much bigger in Egypt. He is a simple man as you can say. He is one of us. At least he doesn’t come from a military background. He is a civilian, and that is why the revolution of 25 January happened.

I will not vote for anyone. I am boycotting, because this is not true elections. A man who came with a military coup cannot come and say we want to make elections. I am not convinced. Plus he used to say that he will not run for the elections and he is doing everything for the sake of Egypt, and then suddenly he is a presidential candidate. It is an obvious play. I already voted in the elections before, after the revolution of 25 of January, and nothing changed. Elections everyday. How many elections do we have per year?