Rally For Sisi in Cairo


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Created by Amir Nabil

21 May 2014

Egypt Presid...

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May 15, 2014
Cairo downtown, Egypt
Video shows a car parade supporting presidential candidate Abdul fatah al-Sisi in Cairo downtown, Egypt.
The crowds are carrying posters of al-Sisi, playing songs that support him while police is attempting to organize traffic.

Hasan Ali: Sales person in Al Jamaliah:
We are all for al-Sisi, may God help him and we hope he wins.

Shadia Saber: veiled woman who lives in Al Jamaliah
I am participating in the Sisi campaign for one reason only, which is the fact that I think he is doing good work before even becoming president, and all that matters to me is that he works for my country and for the people, he cares about the poor, that is what he is doing and that is all we want