Rebel Tunnel - Wadi al-Deif, Syria


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May 16, 2014

Wadi al-Deif, Idlib, Syria

Syrian Opposition fighters say this is the tunnel they used to carry out the explosion on May 14, 2014 at the checkpoint at Tal al-Sawadi in Wadi al-Deif Camp, one of the most important Syrian Army camps in Idlib Province.
The Islamic Front and the al-Furqan Brigade say they were able to dig a tunnel 750-meters long, with a height of two meters and the width of one and a quarter meters. It took them over seventy days and it was packed with over 56 tons of explosives. The rebels say they killed dozens of Assad regime soldiers and destroy many pieces of artillery, a tank, and a BMP tank. Fighting continues with the rebels using many kinds of heavy artillery such as mortars, cannons and others in their effort to freeing the rest of the area.
This operation is considered the second in Idlib and in this camp specifically.
Colonel Riad, or Mohammad: a leader in the Islamic front speaks of the idea of digging the tunnel and how to do that
Mohamad al Sayed: a fighter who dug the tunnel, speaks of the regime’s loses and the qualities of the tunnel
Hassan al-Dghaim: a witness from the area of Maarat al-Noaman, talks about the length of the tunnel and the suffering the rebels faced while digging it
Khaled Abu al-Fajr: a fighter in al-Furqan brigade speaks of the suffering during digging the tunnel and the tools used.
Shot list:
Various shots show the gate of the tunnel
Various shots show the interior of the tunnel
Various shots show the lighting holes built into the walls of the tunnel
Various shots show the barriers surrounding the barrier of Tal al-Sawadi such as the barriers of al-Samad and the camp of Wadi al-Daif
Various shots show the regime firing over Maarat al-Noaman while heavy smoke is coming out
Various shots show the barrier of Tal al-Sawadi.