Egyptian Elections: Sayed the Kushari Delivery Boy


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Sayed delivers the tasty rice, macaroni and lentil dish, Kushari, by bicycle around central Cairo. His bike is also a traveling advertisement for his favorite presidential election candidate.

I have loved Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ever since the second revolution, which completes the revolution of 25 January.
I saw the picture being sold in Al Jalaa square, and I thought, I love this man, why not get a picture of him, so I got it, but every time I go up to a building, I come back to find the picture shredded, so I covered it in barbed wires and covered it in plastic so no one can shred it, and to tell whoever was doing that, no matter what you do, he is the one on my mind, and you cannot change what is in my heart.
It is not a commercial, it is not, I am displaying my love for this guy for nothing in return, some people see me and tell me how much does he pay you per hour? If I was doing this thing for money I would have roamed around in this bike everywhere, but no, all I am waiting for is for this man to lead Egypt in an honorable way.
We are much better than others, and our economy is good, there is work but we need to be one hand, we need to work in order to make a living, we should not pray for god to send us dollars and gold, we need to work, we cannot sit at home and blame the economy.