Former Gaddafi Regime Officials on Trial


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Libya 14 Apr 2014

Libya Trial Gaddafi Revolution

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Video shot on April 14, 2014 in Tripoli, Libya
Shows the trial of former Gaddafi regime officials taking place in the Libyan Criminal Court, South of Tripoli.
The trial will resume April 27, 2014. Some of the accused officials were not there including two sons of Gaddafi, Seif al Islam and Al Saidi. Al Saddik Al Sour, the head of the investigation department in the attorney general's office, said they were not brought to the court room for security reasons.

Spokesman Sadiq Al-Sour, Head of Investigations at the Attorney-General’s office:

"The hearing today was postponed until 27 April, 2014. The hearings is for the accused persons Saif Al Islam Moamar Al Gaddafi, Abdullah AL Sanousi, Baghdadi al Mahmoudi, Mansour Dhao , Milad Daman, Mohamed al-Zwai, Abdul Hafeez Alzletunai, Hosni El Woheshi , and others. Today they did not bring the suspect Saif Al islam Moamar el Gaddafi from the institution of reform and rehabilitation in Zintan.
Furthermore they did not get the accused people Mansour Dhao and Milad Daman and four other accused people from the institution of reform and rehabilitation in Misurata.
The prosecution has requested the court today to prepare a report by the Office of the Attorney General to explain that because of the current security conditions the judicial police will not be able to bring them into the courtroom since they are being held in prisons in cities that are far away from Tripoli with a distances exceeding hundreds of kilometers. Because the country is experiencing difficult security conditions, to transfer them to the courtroom would put them in danger as well as create fear of them, especially since some of them are accused of dangerous crimes. In Saadi Ghadafi’s case the indictment is about to be completed and will depend on a decision by the Attorney General whether the case is referred in the next few days to the prosecutor."

Shot List:

Various exterior shots of the of the court building

Various shots of former Gaddafi regime officials behind bars in the court room.

Various shots of the press conference.