Clashes in Damascus' Eastern Suburb of Al-Meliha


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Footage shot in Al-Meliha on April 6, 2014 - Government forces launched a pre-emptive attack on Damascus' eastern suburb of Al-Meliha.
Al-Meliha is a town of great strategic importance for the control of Damascus. It is located next to the city of Jaramana, on the road leading to Damascus International Airport. It is also considered as an important entrance to Damascus.

Abu Ali - Commander of the Ali Mustapha Brigade: "What happened in the last three days was pressure and attacks by Assad's forces and shabiha. With God's will we were able to stop this attack and harm government forces by destroying several of their tanks and killing at least twenty five government soldiers, not counting the bodies they took with them and the ones who ran away. Al-Meliha was attacked by several sides. They attacked from Temico, Al-Nour checkpoint, the diesel silos, as well as from Jobar and Deir Salman. They tried to attack from more than five or six places."

Abu Mohammad - Field Commandew on Al-Meliha Front: "In the Name of God the Merciful, we are here resisting and patient, in the land of Jihad, in Al-Meleha in Eastern Ghouta. We stopped several army advances and surprises them many times. There was a lot of dead on the regime side. Thanks to God we are still here and we are patient. This is a very strategic area."

Abu Nader - Al-Meliha resident: "We are in the FSA control area of Al-Meliha. This is Al-Meliha's municipality and police station. Nothing here remains under regime's."

تحاول قوات الجيش النظامي اقتحام بلدة المليحة في الغوطة الشرقية المحاصرة. الجيش السوري يحاول عبر هذا الهجوم، توجيه ضربة استباقية للثوار بعد معلومات عن هجوم وشيك على دمشق. تعتبر بلدة المليحة ذات اهمية استراتيجية كبيرة حيث تقع بجوار مدينة جرمانا على طريق مطار دمشق الدولي، كما تعتبر مدخل مهما الى حي باب شرقي وسط دمشق. وبحسب ناشطين فإن المعارك تشهد كر وفر من دون اي سيطرة تذكر لاي طرف بالرغم من القصف العنيف الذي ينفذه سلاح الجو السوري حيث تم احصاء اكثر 40 غارة جوية اضافة لسقوط ما يقارب الالف قذيفة مدفعية و6 صواريخ ارض ارض، بين يومي السبت في 05/04/2014 والأحد 06/04/2014

الإسم – الصفة:ابو علي قائد الوية الحبيب المصطفى

الإسم – الصفة ابو محمد قائد ميداني بجبهة المليحة

الاسم والصفة ابو نادر مواطن من سكان بلدة المليحة