Taiwan Sunflower Protestors

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"If We Don't Rise Up Today, We Won't Be Able To Rise Up Tomorrow" This young protestor echoes the fears of many in his country. The Kuomintang may have brutalised Taiwan's people during the period of martial law 1949-1987, but they are now the elected government of a democratic country - a fact which some jibe President Ma has forgotten - life in Taiwan now in general is very peaceful, people have the freedom to speak out about politics and can express themselves. It is the prospect of a future under the jurisdiction of the Chinese communists that really frightens people here. At this point in time, peaceful protests such as the Sunflower Movement are tolerated in Taiwan; the President has to face public chastisement for ordering riot police to thuggishly remove young protesters from sit-in demonstrations; and eventually, his party will also have to seek re-election. No such recourse exists within China's regime however, and with the horrors of the Tiananmen Square crackdown still fresh in peoples minds, many demonstrators fear this could be their last chance to stand up for their freedom.