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October 2013

Iraq, Tigris river from Al-Kut to Basra

The Tigris River Flotilla - A small group of researchers decided to create a flotilla, ten years after the American occupation, floating on the Tigris from the South of Baghdad (Al-Kut) to the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in the marshes near Basra. The goal is: protect the ecosystem of the rivers, check the status of water pollution, raise the awareness of the Iraq and Turkish governments of the importance of this millennial wealth for Iraqi citizens. Mesopotamia and especially the Iraqi marshlands are drying up, while undermining fishing, farming and the health of local populations. “The sound of the Tigris” is the diary of the first journey of this unique and fascinating project.


Anna Sophia Bachmann; biologist; program manager in Nature Iraq Foundation

Abu Haider; iraqi shipper in Nature Iraq Foundation

Rashad Salim; artist; coordinator The Tigris Flotilla in Nature Iraq Foundation

James Wudel; monitoring and evaluation coordinator in Nature Iraq Foundation

Shot List:

Various shots of: Tigris river
Various shots of: Marshlands in Bassra
Various shots of: the crew camping on the Tigris
Various shots of: pipelines on the Iraqi rivers
Various shots of: Iraqi populations living on the rivers