Wounded Syrian Opposition Fighters inside Hospital in Arsal, Lebanon


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Video shot on March 21, 2014 in Arsal, Lebanon
Syrian government troops took control of the strategic town of Yabroud near the border with Lebanon, on March 16, 2014. With nowhere else to flee, hundreds of Syrian rebel fighters retreated to the Lebanese border town of Arsal.

This video shows wounded Syrian opposition fighters receiving medical treatment in a hospital in Arsal. They talk about the fighting in Yabroud.
Fighter 1: I was in Yabroud, and I was injured by the helicopter. It was shooting and I got injured.
Fighter 2: I was injured at the front, in the battle. We were fighting and throwing bombs at one another while we were ten meters away from each other and the bomb hit us. I got injured while we were resisting them. My leg and my arm wre amputated while another bomb hit again and injured me one more time. They’re destroying our houses and dropping bombs on us and fighting us with artillery weapons and guns, slaughtering our children. This horrible system doesn’t have mercy for children or humans or nature or anything, criminals.
Abu Abdo Al Homsi -FSA fighter in Fjr Al Islam: I belong to the troop of Fajr Al Islam. I was fighting on the Yabroud front, Erbeen specifically. There are many types of weapons they used against us such as the “Cornet Rockets” that has a range of 7 kilometers. What is special about this rocket is that it has sensors that allow it to track the machinery wherever it goes. Another kind is the Thermobaric Weapons. It’s a kind of explosive that uses the oxygen in the surrounding and then explodes taking the whole house down.
Hezbollah was there, mostly “Badr” Troop, and also the troop of Abu Al Fadel Al Abbas which belongs to Iraq. I don’t know what to tell you. There was betrayal from many troops and the amount of weaponry was huge. Some people benefited from the death and suffering of the men you’ve seen. I’m a fighter and always will be, wherever I am I will always hold the banner of ‘’La Ilah Ella Allah, Mohammad Rasool Allah’’.
Shot List:
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