From Shot Put Champion to Pipe Bomb Rebel


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The FSA fighter Abu Qazem went from Syrian shot put champion to commander of Om Al Qura Brigade in Deir Ezzor. He was a student at the local university when he joined the Shot Put championship that led him to compete in and win the national championship. He was working in construction before the revolution when he became the commander of Om Al Qura Brigade in Al Jabeela neighborhood that is considered one of the regional symbols in the uprising against government forces. The iron ball that made Abu Qazem a national champion has now transformed into the hand grenade that Abu Qazem is famous for throwing at enemy targets, including large distances and heavy bombs than others have a hard time getting it to their targets.

Shot List

  1. General shots of Abou Kazem as he prepares bombs to throw on AlAsad's forces on the front line in Deir Ezzour's Aljabila neighborhood.
  2. General shots of Abou Kazem with members of his fighting group as they are discussing the best places to throw the bombs.
  3. A shot of Abou Kazem orienting one of the members to throw a bomb on AlAsad's forces in AlJabila, Deir Ezzor.
  4. A set of wide shots of Abou Kazem throwing rocks on AlAsad forces, an everyday exercise of his hands that helps him throw big boms.
  5. Abou Kazem climbing the stairs of a destructed building to throw a bomb from its rooftop in Deir Ezzor.
  6. Abou Kazem spotting the areas of presence of the regime's forces on the front line opposed to him in order to throw a bomb.
  7. A shot of Abou Kazem preparing the place in order to throw the bomb.
  8. A shot of Abou Kazem as he prepares the bomb and throws it onto AlAsad's forces before hearing gunfire.
  9. A shot of Abou Kazem asking through the wireless device about the movements of the regime's forces after the bomb was thrown.
  10. Abou Kazem peeking on the sites of AlAsad's forces.
  11. A shot Abou Kazem sneaking with a fellow fighter from building rooftop to another in Deir Ezzor, East of Syria.
  12. A shot of Abou Kazem looking through an opening of a destructed house in Deir Ezzor, East of Syria.
  13. Abou Kazem sitting on a couch in the center of a front line in AlJabila neighborhood, with the shells he uses against AlAsad's forces next to him.
  14. A sequence of shots of Abou Kazem as he sits on the front line and jokes with the fighters.
  15. An interview with Abou Kazem in which he speaks about his experience and tells the story of how he was transformed from a hero of a Shut Put hero to a shell bomb thrower.
  16. An interview with Abou Kazem's companion, a fighter from a neighboring front line, in which he explains why they resorted to Abou Kazem to throw bombs.


Abou Kazem- commander of Om Al Qura Brigade in Deir Al Zour :
"In the name of god, I am the Mojahed (fighter) Abou AlKazem, the military leader of the brigade “Om Alkora” in AlJibali neighborhood of Deir Ezzor.  We have been here for a year.  The fighting started in different ways; one of them is with the local mortars of different sizes. Before the revolution, I used to have simple jobs such as construction. I was also an athlete and won the Shot Put local competition in Deir Ezzor in the first year, as for the second year, I won the Shot Put championship of the Syrian Republic.
Then came the blessed revolution and took me, forcefully or unintentionally, from throwing iron balls to throwing bombs in my country and homeland. We ask of god to appreciate us for these deeds.
If god wishes, after this blessed revolution will triumph over the tyrant, I will go back to my original work domain of construction. And with the will of god, we will rebuild this country after Bashar and his subordinates destructed it, and we will reconstruct the infrastructure and people’s hearts, which are full of love and obedience for god. We will build it internally and externally if god wills."

No name mentioned-FSA fighter in Om Al Qura Brigade in Deir Al Zour :
"In the name of god, we assigned him to throw mortars because he has physical strength as a Shot Put athlete and can throw the mortars to a farther distance.  He is of help to us for his expertise. We thank him for this service because he is a national champion and a battle champion too."