Aid into Yarmouk Refugee Camp, Syria

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Location: South Damascus, Syria
Slug: New shipment of aid into refugees camp
Duration: 03’ 27”
Aspect Ratio/Def: 16:9/ SD
Sound/Language: Natural/Arabic
Source: TTM
Restrictions: TTM clients only
Dateline: 18-03-2014


Distribution of food aid, polio vaccines and milk in al- Yarmouk Camp in Damascus and the evacuation of humanitarian cases was resumed on Tuesday, according to head of the political department of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in Damascus, Ambassador Anwar Abdelhadi.

Maher Sheikha, the medical services officials at the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) said: “800 milk containers, 2,000 polio vaccines, 200 vitamin ampoules, and 1,000 packets of salts were brought into the camp and delivered to the Palestinian Red Crescent.”

He added that several people in critical condition have been evacuated and talks are ongoing to evacuate others.


  1. Wide shot of the main street at the entrance to the al-Yarmouk refugees camp
  2. Wide of two ambulance vehicles parked outside the al-Yarmouk camp reading in Arabic: Palestinian Red Crescent Society, in english P.R.C.S
  3. Close of an ambulance reading in Arabic: Palestinian Red Crescent Society
  4. Wide of devastation at the entrance of the camp
  5. Two shots of narrow streets inside the camp where destroyed and burned buildings showing
  6. Med of male residents of the camp crowding in wait for aid
  7. Med of elderly woman approaching to the camera followed by two volunteers helping a man on wheeled-chair
  8. Wide of residents of the camp wondering in a devastated street with volunteers and UNRWA workers
  9. Med of male residents waiting for their turn to get aid inside the camp
  10. Two shots of UN workers handing out food to the residents of the camp
  11. Wide of an alley inside the camp
  12. Wide of people at check point inside the camp in wait to get food
  13. Med of a young man in military uniform with residents behind waiting for the aid
  14. Med of women waiting in line inside the camp
  15. Tilt down from destroyed buildings to women inline inside the camp waiting for their shares of food
  16. Close of a little boy drawing the Victory sign with his fingers standing beside his mother inline with other women
  17. Med of women waiting inline
  18. Two lines of men and women in wait for the aid to arrive
  19. (soundbite)(ARABIC) male resident of the camp, no name given
    “ Only one meal! I’m standing here to talking to you and feeling as if i am fainting, I’m about to fall, I have never eaten since yesterday. I pray to God to help us”
  20. Med of women standing inline waiting to receive food aid
  21. (soundbite)(ARABIC) female resident of the camp, no name given
    “ We are suffering a lot of hunger, we go to Yalda to buy stuff and they sell us nothing, they ask us to get back to the camp”
  22. Wide of completely devastated main street inside the camp
  23. (soundbite)(ARABIC) elderly women from the camp, no name given
    “ All my children had been displaced, they all left their houses, their houses had been robbed. We had not even tasted bread for nine months. There is no food in the camp, they sell 1 kilo of rice for ten thousand pound. I’m an elderly woman and I’m all alone in the house. Everyday they attack me and I always have to hide, about what religion and what faith they are talking? May God not forgive them! May they slaughter and kill me!”
  24. Wide of destroyed building. Pull out to wider view of residents of the camp inline to get food
  25. Wide of men and women in line to register their names before getting aid