Syrian Children Reenact War Around Them


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February 24, 2014
Location: Deir Ez Zour

Storyline: A group of children from Al Hamidiya neighborhood of Deir Ez Zour play war games in their former school, which was damaged during heavy fighting. Influenced by the fighters of the Free Syrian Army in Deir Ez Zour, the children organized themselves into make believe rebel brigades and pretend to fight each other. They use toy weapons made from wood lying around the neighborhood.

One of the children, known as 'The Genie' to the children of the neighborhood, is a 16 year old who dreams to become a doctor in order to help people who are ill or injured. His situation is similar to many of the children who are out receiving any education because of the war. After the destruction of most schools in the area and the fast escape of most teachers who chose to leave the city out of fear, there is little left for children to do with their time.

Interviewees: (Fill the name, the profession, what he says)

00:56 - We are the the Alhamidiah Martyrs Battalion in Al Hamidiah. Allah w Akbar.

Name – Profession: Mahmoud Fawaz Aloosh - Student

2:53 – 6:30 My name is Mahmoud Fawaz Alaloosh and I am 14 years old. I am in the 7th grade. I stand on the frontlines and face the dogs of Al Assad. The name of our battalion is the Alhamidiah Martyrs Battalion. They were shooting at us and sending explosions our way. We saw the other battalions and we decided to create our own. We hit the dogs of Al Assad. When the war started, we forgot our toys; but now we remember, and we resumed playing. This is my weapon. It is a piece of wood and I glued it to a metal rod. I used a bicycle tire. I put a little rock here and I shoot it. I am a fighter, and I want to fight the FSA.
All the schools have been shelled and bombed, as you can see. We are unable to study here. We study in people’s homes; they put some seats and got some books to teach us.
If I cant read arabic, I cannot read anything else.
You bring the elastic band to the back and you stick it in the small clamp. You get a rock, and you shoot it out.

Name – Profession: 'Al Genie' – Student

6:34 – 8:45 I am 'The Genie', a fighter in Alhamidiyah. I am in the 9th grade and I am 16 years old. This is our battalion here. Bashar bombs us everyday. All of this is because of Bashar, all of it. Everything shoots at us, from bombs, to missiles.. etc. We are not scared. We even endured an air strike. We came here, we wanted to fight, so we created this battalion. We are having fun, so we made these weapons and passed them along the battalion. We fight here in the neighborhood. Look what they did to the school, it is destroyed. We play in here.
I want to be a doctor when I grow up, to help out these people; the injured.

Name – Profession: Three soldiers of the battalion

11:25 – 12:30 We are part of the Alhaidiah Battalion. Bashar Al Assad and his dogs shot and bombed Alhamidiah. Just today we were hit by a bomb from the street next to us; killed two people and injured one. We want to grow up, now we are just playing.
We won’t study and we do not want an education, until the regime fails.
Name – Profession:

Shot List: (Description of various shots in the video)

• Various shots of:
• General shots of kids playing with their wooden weapons in their school yard.
• General shots of kids playing with their wooden weapons inside the school building.
• Shots of kids stepping on the photograph of president Bashar Al Assad printed on the school transcripts they used to receive while they were under the ruling of Al Assad.
• A clip shows the children in one of the class room reading out loud the statement of the formation of Alhamideya martyrs troop
• A clip of how the children are showing off their wooden guns and how they use it to shoot rocks and empty bullets
• A clip that shows the children using an old map they found in school to make the plan for their military attack.
• A clip of a child showing off his BKC look alike gun.
• A clip shows the children acting a role as if they’re attacking the soldiers of Al Assad.
• An interview with Mahmoud Fawaz Alaloosh, A 14 year old child in the seventh grade.
• An interview with 'The Genie', the ninth grade 16 year old kid who formed the troop.
• A clip shows the children training in the back yard of the destroyed school.
• Another clip of the children acting the role of fighting Al Assad soldiers.
• An interview with a few children talking about their situation and the condition of the schools in the city.
• A clip shows the children trying what is called a Smoke Bomb.

• ورقة المعلومات

• عنوان القصة: كتيبة شهداء الحميدية للأطفال
• التاريخ:  ٢٤ - ٢- ٢٠١٤
• موقع التصوير:  ديرالزور
• شرح القصة: مجموعة من أطفال حي الحميدية بديرالزور شرقي سورية جمعتهم الحرب بعد دمار مدرستهم ليشكلوا كتيبة من ابناء الحي ، حيث التأثر الكبير بمقاتلي الجيش الحر في الجزء المحرر من مدينة ديرالزور دفعهم لتصنيع اسلحتهم من الاخشاب المتواجدة في محيطهم
• (الجني) كما يحب ان يلقب يقود كتيبة شهداء الحميدية هو طفل في السادسة عشرة من عمره يحلم بأن يصبح طبيب كي يساعد الجميع وخاصة الجرحى والمصابين ، حاله حال الكثير من عناصر كتيبته الاطفال لا يتلقى التعليم في الوقت الحالي بينما الجزء القليل من الاطفال تذهب إلى مدارس بديلة اقيمت في المنازل بعد دمار معظم مدارس المدينة وتعرض الباقي منها للقصف بشكل دوري ، كما ان اغلب المدرسين هربوا من المدينة نتيجة للحملة العسكرية الكبيرة التي شهدتها المدينة.
• المتكلمون: (ذكر الإسم، الصفة، الكلام)
• الإسم – الصفة: محمود فواز العلوش – أحد الأطفال
• الإسم – الصفة: ''الجني'' – أحد الأطفال
• لائحة اللقطات: (شرح غير تفصيلي لمجموعة اللقطات بالفيديو)
• مجموعة لقطات تظهر:

١- لقطات عامة لأطفال يلعبون باسلحتهم الخشبية داخل باحة مدرستهم ٢- لقطات عامة لأطفال يلعبون بأسلحتهم الخشبية داخل بناء المدرسة ٣- لقطات للأطفال يقومون بالدهس على الجلاء المدرسي الذي كان يوزع في عهد الرئيس الأسد حيث يوجد عليه صورة الرئيس بشار الأسد ٤- لقطة للأطفال داخل آحد الصفوف وهم يقومون بتلاوة بيان تشكيل كتيبة شهداء الحميدية ٥- لقطات للأطفال وهم يستعرضون اسلحتهم الخشبية وكيفية اطلاق الحجارة والرصاص الفارغ بواسطتها ٦- لقطة للأطفال وهم يقومون بالاستعانة بأحد الخرائط التي وجدوها داخل مدرستهم المدمرة لوضع خطط لعمليات الهجوم التي يقومون بها ٧- لقطة لطفل وهو يستعرض سلاحه الخشبي على شكل رشاش (بي كي سي)  ٨- لقطة للأطفال وهم يقومون بتمثيل اشتباك مع قوات الأسد على أحد الجبهات ٩- لقاء مع الطفل محمود فواز العلوش ١٤ عاما في الصف السابع  ١٠- لقاء مع (الجني) ١٦ عاماً في الصف التاسع حيث قام بتأسيس كتيبة شهداء الحميدية ١١- لقطات لمجموعة من الأطفال وهم يقومون بتدريبات داخل باحة مدرستهم المدمرة ١٢- لقطات لمجموعة من الأطفال تقوم بتمثيل اشتباك مع قوات الأسد داخل مدرستهم المدمرة  ١٣- لقاء مع مجموعة من الأطفال يتحدثون به عن وضعهم ووضع المدارس في المدينة  ١٤- لقطات لأطفال يقومون بتجربة ما يسمونه بالقنبلة الدخانية