Women FSA Fighters in Aleppo


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Dope Sheet

Title: FSA Women’s Brigade in Aleppo
Date: 08/03/2014
Location: Saladin Neighborhood, Aleppo

Subject Matter:
With the war in Syria entering its fourth year, the role of women has taken different forms with direct and indirect involvement. In the opposition held Salahedin Neighborhood of Aleppo, Om Muhammad an ex schoolteacher founded an all women’s medical and military brigade called the Our Mother Aisha Brigade. Around ten women who have stayed in the area wit their families work in medical and military assistance to FSA fighters in a neighborhood that is considered to be a front line.


Om Muhammad – Ex Schoolteacher and founding member of Our Mother Aisha Brigade "We reached a point where Jihad was forced upon the young before the old, upon women before men. If Bashar Al Assad killed our men, if God is willing us women will fight. Plus we are sisters of the men and the country and the land are for the women as much as they are for the men. We are all ex teachers and come from an educated class, we worked in medical assistance and our brigade was founded by educated women in order to assist the men in the battle and to break ideas that claim that women left behind by their men to go to war might succumb into temptation. Last thing we think about are our homes, cause the country is more important then our homes. My children go to school in the morning and to the mosque for Koranic studies in the afternoon, my husband just like me is a jihadist  and most of the women in the brigade are wives of mujaheedin and if they are single or widowed, their brothers and fathers are surely fighters. We are staying here and our struggle continues. If God is willing we will topple the regime. We are going to keep fighting because our revolution needs another revolution, we will keep fighting until our revolution is purged. We're going to take part and hand in hand rebuild our country if God is willing"

Om Yassin – Ex Schoolteacher and current member of Our Mother Aisha Brigade
"We all used to be schoolteachers, now we became mujahideen. I am a fighter and at home I am a wife, a mother, a sister. After the revolution for which we are doing our duties, if God is willing we will go back to being mothers, sisters and wives. Some of us work as nurses and the medical center and others work on the front lines. It's true we are women but we do the men's work, we keep morals high, we help them and fulfill tasks that were left empty by men."

Various Shots that Show:
Members of Our Mother Aisha brigade heading to the front line and back in Saladin neighborhood
Various shots of women in the streets and shops of Saladin neighborhood

Shot list:
• Members of “Our Mother Aisha” brigade at feild hospital in Salahedine neighborhood
• Members of the brigade on the way to the frontline in Salahedine neighborhood
• Members of the brigade at frontline in Salahedine neighborhood
• Government flag on the other side of the frontline
• Members of brigade back to their base in Salahedine neighborhood
• General shots of Salahedine neighborhood

ورقة المعلوماتعنوان القصة‪ :‬كتيبة نسائية في الجيش السوري الحر في حلبتاريخ الإنتاج: ‪‪08-03-2014‬موقع التصوير‪:‬ حي صلاح الدين في مدينة حلبشرح القصة‪:‬مع دخول الحرب في سوريا عامها الرابع تعددت أوجه حضور المرأة السورية بشكل مباشر أو غير مباشر في الثورة السورية.في حي صلاح الدين الذي يقع تحت سيطرة المعارضة في حلب أسست ام محمد وهي معلمة سابقة كتيبة طبية وعسكرية تحمل اسم "كتيبة امنا عائشة". نحو عشر نساء من اللواتي بقين في الحي مع اسرهن، ينشطن في الكتيبة ويعملن على المساندة الطبية والعسكرية لمقاتلي الجيش الحر في حي صلاح الدين الذي يعتبر خط جبهة مشتعل بشكل دائم.(المتكلمون: (ذكر الإسم، الصفة، مختصر الكلامالإسم – الصفة‪:‬ ام محمد – كتيبة امنا عائشة الطبية والعسكريةالإسم – أم ياسين: مدرّسة سابقة وإحدى عناصر الكتيبة الطبية بحلب(لائحة اللقطات: ( شرح غير تفصيلي لمجموعة اللقطات بالفيديومجموعة لقطات تظهر‪:‬- بعض عناصر الكتيبة الطبية النسائية ( كتيبة أمنا عائشة ) في النقطة الطبية بحي صلاح الدين بحلب.- عناصر الكتيبة النسائية في طريقهن إلى جبهة حي صلاح الدين.- عناصر الكتيبة في الخط الأول من الجبهة.- علم القوات الحكومية على الطرف الآخر من الجبهة.- عودة عناصر الكتيبة الطبية إلى مقر الكتيبة.- لقطات عامة لحي صلاح الدين من الداخل بعيداً عن الجبهة وتظهر سيدات في الشارع والأسواق.