Maaloula Nuns are Freed by Rebels in Prisoner Exchange

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Lebanon 09 Apr 2014

On Demand News Syria Maaloula

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Story title: The release of the Maloula nuns
Production Date: 10-March-2014
Site: Yaboos crossing on the Syrian-Lebanese border

Storyline: The nuns of the monastery Mar Taqla from the town of Maloula in the suburbs of Damascus are brought to the Yaboos crossing, after a kidnapping that lasted more than 90 days.
The 13 nuns and three teachers that were with them arrived to the crossing of Yaboos in a security convoy of Lebanese General Security, headed by the Director General of the General Security Abbas Ibrahim. The nun Blajaa Sayyaf said in a statement to reporters that the treatment received by the nuns from Jabhat Al Nussra was good and well.

Sayyaf denied that anyone forced them to remove their crosses but they did it themselves, noting that they moved in several places.
Sayyaf thanked Director General of the Lebanese General Security Abbas Ibrahim for his efforts, and also thanked the Syrian president for communication with the Emir of Qatar.
The nuns were detained in December after the control of Islamist fighters on the old part of the Christian town of Maloula north of Damascus.

Sources from the Syrian capital revealed that the exchange deal for the Lebanese nuns was done after the release of 153 detained women in prisons of the Syrian regime, where some of them were transferred to Lebanon.
Maloula town which is located about 55 kilometers north of Damascus has a majority population of Christians, especially Roman Catholics who speak Aramaic, the language of Christ.


Name: Mother Fadia Al Ham
"The kidnapping of the nuns in itself constitute the most extreme evil in Syria, there return is the turning point to the better, to humanity, to solve the situation in a humanitarian way, where the human relates to his human brother, the solution above all should be Syrians between each other, secondly it will be between Syria and its neighbors, finally between the big people in the world, this is a message we say to the human being to come back to his essence and do not use everything for personal gain, because the human being is above all the nuns will tell us, as they have become witnesses to this crisis, think about all the kidnapped in Syria today, think about all the killed in Syria, all the widows and martyrs, and the destroyed infrastructure. Stop destroying the landmarks of a country that has nothing to do with the situation as a country. We want to thank all the people that intervened to help bring our nuns back, I will thanked the kidnappers for bringing them back, and hopefully all the kidnappers in Syria will follow them and bring the kidnapped back so we can rejoice like today. And hopefully we will get rid of the violence in Syria and everywhere in the world".

Name: Major General Abbas Ibrahim Director of the Lebanese General Security
"The operation has ended the nuns that were kidnapped are now with the general security and are on their way here, we are known that we abide by all of what we are committed to, a part of the operation we will do starting tomorrow morning, the guarantee is president Al Assad and we will continue Based on this guarantee. We started with the serious work 4 months ago".

Name: One of the freed nuns of the monastery of Mar Taqla in the town of Maloula
"They served us and helped us and they gave us a palace to live in not a house." Q: How did you get out? "They freed us."
Q: Why? "Because we asked".
Q: Why did they kidnap you in the first place?
"Because Jabhat al Nussra was trying to destroy our monastery that is why they took us".

Shot List:
• The immigration department building of the Ministry of the Interior at the Syrian border with Lebanon • Figures and members of the media waiting for nuns in the waiting room of the passport and immigration building • Nuns arrival to the waiting room of the passport and immigration building • nuns in the presence of the governor of Damascus and the Director-General of the Lebanese General Security Abbas Ibrahim and a crowd of media and parents in the waiting room of the Passport and Immigration building

ورقة المعلومات

عنوان القصة: الافراج عن راهبات معلولا

تاريخ الإنتاج:10-03-2014

موقع التصوير: معبر جديدة يابوس على الحدود السورية اللبنانية

شرح القصة: وصلت راهبات دير مار تقلى في بلدة معلولا بريف دمشق الى معبر جديدة يابوس بعد اختطاف دام اكثر من 90 يوماً .

الراهبات الـ 13 والمعلمات الـ 3 الواتي كن برفقتهن وصلن الى معبر جديدة يابوس بموكب امني تابع للامن العام اللبناني يرئسه مدير عام الامن العام عباس ابراهيم ..

وقالت الراهبة بلاجيا سياف في تصريح للصحفيين ان المعاملة التي تلقتها الراهبات من جبهة النصرة كانت معاملة جيدة وحسنة ".

و نفت سياف ان يكون احد اجبرهن على خلع الصلبان بل أنهن من قمن بذلك ، مشيرة الى انهن تنقلت في عدة امكنة ".

وشكرت الراهبة سياف مدير عام الامن العام اللبناني عباس ابراهيم على جهوده وكذلك شكرت الرئيس السوري لتواصله مع امير قطر ".

وكانت الراهبات احتجزن في ديسمبر/كانون الأول بعد سيطرة مقاتلين إسلاميين على الجزء القديم من بلدة معلولا المسيحية شمال دمشق.

وكشفت مصادر في العاصمة السورية ان صفقة تبادل الراهبات اللبنانيات تم بعد الافراج عن 153 معتقلة سورية في سجون النظام السوري ، حيث تم نقل بعضهم الى لبنان ".

وتقع بلدة معلولا على بعد 55 كلم شمالي دمشق وغالبية سكانها من المسيحيين خصوصا من الروم الكاثوليك الذين يتكلمون الآرامية لغة المسيح.

المتكلمون: (ذكر الإسم، الصفة، مختصر الكلام).

الإسم – الصفة: الام فاديا الحام

الإسم – الصفة:اللواء عباس ابراهيم مدير الامن العام اللبناني

الإسم – الصفة: راهبة محررة من راهبات دير مار تقلا في بلدة معلولا

لائحة اللقطات: ( شرح غير تفصيلي لمجموعة اللقطات بالفيديو)

                     -            مبنى ادارة الهجرة والجوازات التابع لوزارة الداخلية السورية عند الحدود مع لبنان.

                                      -            شخصيات واعلاميين في انتظار الراهبات في صالون مبنى ادارة الهجرة والجوازات

                                                    -            وصول الراهبات والدخول الى صالون مبنى ادارة الهجرة والجوازات

                 -            الراهبات بحضور محافظ ريف دمشق والمدير العام للامن العام اللبناني عباس ابراهيم وحشد من الاعلاميين والاهل في صالون مبنى ادارة الهجرة والجوازات.