Syrian Army Entering the Village of Al Zara near Homs

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Format mpeg4, Bitrate 2.369 mbps

Location: al-Zara, Syria
Slug: Forces loyal to Syria government entering the village
Duration: 02’ 03”
Sound: Natural
Aspect Ratio/Definition: 16:9/SD
Source: TTM
Restrictions: TTM clients only
Dateline: 09-03-2014


  1. On shoulder shot/ plains outside the village, smoke in the skyline, man in military uniform walking
  2. Armed men in military uniform walking inside a trench
  3. Wide of men in military uniform with their guns walking away in green plain
  4. Wide of several men in military uniform advancing, followed by a convoy of tanks
  5. Wide of a house with smoke rising form it
  6. Pan of a tank advancing, with various of fighters on both sides
  7. Wide of military truck with a gun on top advancing through the plains
  8. Pan of a fighter carrying a gun in one hand and some kind of barrel (thought to be a hand made bomb)
  9. Tow shots of damaged houses inside the village
  10. Wide of a building with a sign on it reading: Al-Zarah health center. Reading on the wall: Freedom (on the left of the door), Go away- Down with Assad (to the right of the door)
  11. Wide of a street inside the village when a vehicle passed near a few men in military uniforms
  12. Various shots of destructions inside the town
  13. Wide of graves outside one of the houses
  14. Wide of building with black smoke rising from it


Video shows Syrian Government forces entering the village of al-Zara near Homs on March 9, 2014. It shows soldiers in the streets and extensive damage to buildings and vehicles with smoke rising from some buildings.
A report by the Syrian state news agency SANA says government forces entered after clearing the village of opposition forces.