Syrian Government Forces Attacking the Village of al-Zarah village, Syria

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Format mpeg4, Bitrate 2.594 mbps

Location: Homs outskirts, Syria
Slug: Military operation in al-Zarah village
Duration: 01’ 44”
Sound: Natural
Aspect Ratio/DEF: 16:9/SD
Source: TTM
Restrictions: TTM clients only
Dateline: 07-03-2014


  1. GV of al-Zarah village west of Homs
  2. Tracking of a Syrian air force jet
  3. Med of Syrian flag
  4. Wide of a burned fuel container hit by a shell
  5. Wide of an artillery shooting
  6. Med shot from on top of an artillery, pull in to wide of the spot where the shell fell
  7. Wide of various militia members loyal to Syrian government
  8. Med of a fighter looking with his military telescope
  9. Med of a fighter using his telescope
  10. Med of short-range missile
  11. Wide of a short-range artillery while shooting, pan/pull in to the spot where it fell
  12. tracking/med of a tank
  13. Two shots of fighters shooting their machine guns
  14. Med of a hole made in sand berms
  15. GV of the plains outside al-Zarah village


The Syrian Army army seized control of al-Zarah town in the countryside of Talkalakh in Homs province on Saturday, according to a report by the Syrian state news agency SANA.
The report says army units killed large numbers of opposition fighters and destroyed their weapons.
SANA says 30 opposition fighters in al-Zarah town surrendered and handed over their weapons.