The Modernization of Morocco's Ancient Fishing Village

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Created by Osie Greenway

09 Feb 2014

Tourism in Morocco is becoming a new keystone in the structure of the Moroccan economy. The Mayor of Taghazout Tariq Kabbaj, is excited to embrace the flow of tourism in his town. The small village of roughly 6,000 inhabitants has stayed afloat economically with tourism. "Without the tourism this town would be dead and the only jobs here would be fishing or the factories", said Tariq. Foreigners come from around the globe to surf the world class surf that surrounds Taghazout and with them comes western culture. Taghazout so far has accepted the cultural and religious distractions without problem and many look forward to a future in the developing town. Some villagers fear what will happen too their culture, traditions, and religion as their culture and trades are turned into a tourism business.