Yarmouk Camp, Syria-Interview with Filippo Grandi UNRWA Representative 24, Feb.


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09 Apr 2014

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Location: Damascus, Syria
Slug: UNRWA chief visiting refugees camp
Duration: 01’ 29”
Sound/Language: Natural/English
Aspect Ratio/Def: 16:9/SD
Source: TTMRestrictions: TTM clients
Dateline: Feb 24th 2014

1. Wide of UNRWA vehicles parked at the entrance of al-Yarmouk refugees camp
2. Wide of the Commissioner-General of the UNRWA with his team before going in the refugees camp
3. Commissioner-General of the UNRWA accompanied with the palestinian ambassador and some UN members in some byway of the al-Yarmouk refugees camp
4. Med of an interpreter translating to the UNRWA chief the situation of some resident from inside the camp
5. (soundbite)(ENGLISH) Filippo Grandi, Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA)“ Two days after my last visit; the camp was engulfed in this conflict. So it’s the first time after more than a year. But more importantly; the distributions that we have seen today still very small; they are the first distributions that have been happening for a few weeks now for the people that have been cut-off, besieged, trapped into Yarmouk for many months. So; it is a very important step, but like I said to the refugees themselves; this is the first step, this is a step that has been made possible by the agreements of the parties to their duty, which is to protect civilians and to spare them the consequences of war, but much more needed to be done, still a few poeple are coming, we need to reach out to them, we need to go to them not to people to come to us. We also need to reopen the schools, the clinics to do all their work.”
6. Wide of the Commissioner-Genreal getting in his vehicle at the outskirts of the refugees camp