Iraqi Awakening Forces in Ramadi Jan 19, 2014


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Iraqi Awakening Forces in Ramadi Jan 19, 2014 - قوات الصحوة العراقية في شوارع الرمادي

Video shot on January 19, 2014 of Iraqi Awakening Forces in the streets of Ramadi. They are fighting with the Iraqi Army against ISIL militants and against local tribesmen who oppose the army.
Duration: 04:52



Q "How is the battle going today? Which areas did you take control of?"

A "We cleared Street 20 and Al Malaab Street and now we are at the beginning of Al Malaab Street. "

Q "Did you face severe resistance?"

A "They were really cowards. They couldn't face us for even a few minutes."

Q "Do you have any figures for dead and injured and captured?"

A "No I do not, but until now the situation is very good."

Q "Are you getting help from the army, airplanes and the government?"

A "They are helping us. The Minister of Defense is supporting us. He is in the command center now and we are in contact with him."


"We conquered this place today. This is the Malaab area. We occupied it. We don't say Shia or Sunni, we are all together. What is Shia, what is Sunni? We work as one against the terrorists. And those people who are blocking the streets are betrayers. There is no Shia and Sunni, we are all united.

It is a shame to talk about Shia and Sunni. We are all united to fight the terrorists who surrounding the city. Because of them all our families had to leave in the rain. They have been put in a bad situation."

فيديو بتاريخ 19 يناير عن قوات الصحوة العراقية في شوارع الرمادي. يقاتلون مع الجيش العراقي ضد المسلحين من داعش وضد رجال القبائل المحليين الذين يعارضون الجيش. المدة: 04:52

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