Free Syrian Army Tunnels Under Damascus


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Format mpeg4, Bitrate 6.41 mbps


Video recorded on January 15, 2014 showing tunnels dug by the Free Syrian Army in the area of the Southern Highway in Damascus. The tunnels are used by the FSA to connect the villages of Qaboun, Barzeh, Zamalka and Jobar, move FSA fighters into Damascus and avoid positions controlled by Assad forces.
The FSA also tunnels under regime positions where they plant explosives to blow them up. The video shows fighters wiring explosives.
The video also shows FSA fighters monitoring surveillance cameras they placed for security and to watch Syrian Army movements.
The Southern Highway is a major strategic point which separates FSA and Assad forces. It is an important link among Damascus southern suburbs and it links the Damascus-Homs highway with the Damascus-Daraa route. And it is a key supply route for the Syrian Army.
The FSA has been targeting Syrian Army military vehicles traveling on the Southern Highway from Damascus to the Syrian Air Force Intelligence headquarters in Harasta.
The FSA has blocked the highway since last year at a number of locations near the communities of Arbin, Zamalka, Jobar and Ein Tarma.

Shot List:
1. Sniper scope
2. Syrian Army tank
3. Tank
4. Tank
5. Building on fire
6. Wreckage of military vehicle
7. Various shots of tunnels
8. Man in tunnel
9. Men in tunnel
10. Wiring explosives in tunnel - various shots
11. Explosion
12. Surveillance camera monitor
13. Fighters watch monitor
14. Various shots tunnels
15. WS countryside/buildings
16. Various shots of trucks
17. Damaged trucks


Sound bite: Souhail Tlas, Commander of Faihaa Brigade

"The Southern highway is the main way to enter Damascus from the towns of Kabbas, Mliha, Harasta and to the road to Damascus Airport. The highway is indeed a key supply route used by the regime as an alternate way to move tanks and military vehicles in order not to through the center of Damascus."

Sound bit: Souhail Tlas, Commander of Faihaa Brigade

"The Southern highway is extremely important because it is the main link between Daraa and Homs. The regime has been trying to take control over the highway for months but thanks to God he has never been able to do it because the whole area is completely linked and controlled by the FSA fighters."

Sound bite: Abu Samir, Field Commander of Moujahidin Brigade

"We dug this tunnel because it is hard to break into the regime military base, which is above us right now. It is quite hard because there is a wooded area that separates us so we dug this tunnel under the wooded area towards the military base. And now we will put explosives and blow up the building with all the soldiers and commanders inside."

Sound bite: Souhail Tlas, Commander of Faihaa Brigade

"We are now standing in front of a tunnel that reaches the entrance of Damascus. The FSA fighters have dug it in order to surround the militia of Hezbollah and regime forces. This is one of many tunnels that we have dug at the frontlines so no Shabiha and regime soldiers can escape from the FSA."

Sound bite: Obada, FSA Fighter

"We are always at the frontlines watching the regime soldiers. We are using these cameras. We are making it easier for FSA fighters to defeat any regime forces attack."

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