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Osama, commander of an FSA battalion, test fires a new Kalashnikov in the garden of the house that his battalion now calls base. Osama is a Kurd from Al Qamishli. When the revolution began, he tried to start a Kurdish FSA battalion. But after the first fights against the YPG, he gave up on that. "I am still Kurdish, but what the PYD wants is not what every Kurd wants. Kurdistan should be under control of Damascus. This town, that the PKK calls Serekaniye, I call it Ras al Ayn."

Commander losses are not easy on him. "I usually retreat as the last person. That way I feel less guilty when my men die."

During the last fights with the YPG (16 July) his battalion got run out of Ras al Ayn. Some of his men died. The survivors are currently fighting elsewhere.

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