Egyptian Police Clash with Morsi Supporters

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TEXT (00-00 - 00:10) Pro-Morsi supporters continue to take to the streets throughout Egypt. On the evening of July 15th, they blocked a major road and main bridge heading out of downtown Cairo.

Scuffles between Pro-Morsi supporters and residents escalated and the police moved in, shooting tear gas, buckshot and rubber bullets. At the same time protesters cut off the bridge, many were praying.

SOT, Morsi supporter (00:12 - 00:19) "I want to say that this is the second time the Egyptian army and the interior ministry attack us during prayer."

SOT, Morsi supporter (00:19 - 00:22) "It's always during prayer! every time it's during prayer!:

TEXT: (00:22 - 00:26) Protesters expressed anger over the 'Made in USA' tear gas canister shot at them

SOT - (00:27 - 00:34) "This isn't the message from the US people it's from their regime"

TEXT: (00:42 - 00:51) - "Pro Morsi marchers cut off the October 6th bridge and a major square to on coming traffic where clashes ensued for hours"

TEXT: (00:55 - 01:22) Protesters began breaking up the concrete to make rocks. The square also came under attack by local residents and what many claim were government thugs. Down one of the streets leading into Ramses square, fire work clashes raged as rocks, glass and metal pipes where thrown back and forth

TEXT: (01:23 - 01:30) Although many of those who cut off the main road and bridge were Morsi supporters, anti-Morsi and anti-military protesters joined in when clashes began.

SOT, (01:31 - 01:39) protester, ANTI MORSI/ANTI-MILITARY "I fought in Mohammed Mahmoud, Magles el Wazara (2011) Tahrir, all of it, many battles the Brotherhood never showed up for. I came here to see the tear gas"

SOT, (01:39 - 01:57) Jimmy ANTI-MORSI/ANTI-military "The police and thugs are on top of the bridge firing on the Brotherhood below. They are also fighting them down these two streets with buckshot and tear gas. It's not a good situation at all. Even if they are Brotherhood and I'm against Morsi's regime, they can't keep doing this"

TEXT (00:57 - 2:07) TRNN film crew also witnessed Morsi supporters fired handmade guns into the streets. The brotherhood has called on their supporters to stay on the streets until Morsi is reinstated as President. It's been less than two weeks since his ouster on July 3rd.

TEXT (02:07 - END) Clashes also raged throughout the night in Ramses, the Ghrama district and Giza district. The latest violent deepened fears of prolonged unrest during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

The health ministry reports over 250 people were wounded and 7 killed in the deadly street battles.

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