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Amara (14, left), Beritan (17, middle) and Rhoken (19) in the YPG base in Serekaniye. They finished their training and are now full members of the YPJ, the female branch of the Kurdish rebel army YPG. Amara joined the YPJ after her house got bombed by Assad's jets. Her older sister has children, so she choose to join the revolution in a different way. She is now a Kurdish teacher, something that was forbidden before the war.

When these photos were taken, there was a ceasefire between Al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra and the YPG, who both controlled part of the city.

The three girls fought in the recent battle that drove out the Islamist fighters, but were kept away from the front line. They all survived and are now stationed in different parts of Kurdish Syria.

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