YPG rebel training Syria (8 of 14)

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Ashi (foreground) is in her first day of training for the Kurdish Women Defense Forces (YPJ). Ahsi says, 'We train to defend ourselves. We never attack. We do not want FSA/Nusra forces here. We also don't want Assad's forces. We just want to be free'.

Roshna, a female commander of the YPJ, got arrested in July for breaking the rules of Ramadan. Jabhat al Nusra refused to release her. In retaliation, on the night of July 16, the YPG and YPJ forces attacked Islamist fighters in Ras al-Ayn. After one night of fighting, they freed Roshna and ousted the Islamists.

Ashi was in Ras al Ain during the clashes. She fought behind the front line, and survived.

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