Hoang Sa Flotilla, a journey to Ly Son Island


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Historical aspects of Ly Son Island (Paracel Archipelago). It’s from the shores of Ly Son island, situated thirty kilometres from the port of Sa Ky, on the coast of the central province of Quang Ngai, that the Vietnamese fishermen depart for their journey to the Parcel (Hoang Sa) archipelago. A group of islands situated in the South China Sea and disputed among China, Taiwan and Vietnam.

The volcanic island was already used in the seventh century by the Champa kingdom as ship basement for their maritime trade routes. Ten centuries later Nguyen Lords came. The rulers of Dai Viet–the great Viet–settled on the island, transforming it into the operational area of the company Hoang Sa, exclusively for the development of the Paracel Islands. Every year the Nguyen Lords used to recruit seventy sailors from the villages of An and An Vinh Hai. Passed into the annals as the Hoang Sa Flotilla, the brave seamen sailed before the South wind between late February and early March of the lunar calendar.

Facts and missions that for Vietnam and its present authorities represent the historical proof of their sovereignty over the two archipelagos claimed also by Brunei, China, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan.

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