Egyptian troops ready to free kidnapped soldiers

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Story: Egyptian troops ready to free kidnapped soldiers

Local News Agency: Middle East Bureau / VCS
Shooting Dateline: May 21, 2013
Shooting Location: Sinai, Egypt
Publishing Time: May 21, 2013
Length: 00:01:44
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Language: Arabic
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Camera: VCS


  1. Various shots of army vehicle movement in Sinai
  2. Various shots of army vehicles
  3. Wide shot of armored vehicle deployed in Sinai, Rafah Crossing border area
  4. Wide shot of the gate of the Rafah Crossing Border closed in protest against the kidnap of the soldiers
  5. Various shots of armored vehicles deployed outside the border
  6. Medium shot of the gate of the border while police closed it and hanging banners at the gate reading (the sit-in will continue until the release of the soldiers)
  7. Various shots of Rafah Crossing Border area
  8. Medium shot of a banner reading (This is a sit-in and not a protest or a vigil)
  9. Various shots of the Rafah Crossing Border while being closed with banners demanding the release of the kidnapped soldiers


Egypt’s Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim said that the Egyptian security forces are fully ready to implement a plan to release the seven kidnapped soldiers in Sinai.

The minister said in a statement to the Independent Egyptian newspaper al-Watan that they already have sent 30 armored vehicles, 90 battle groups, special police units tasked with special duties (to free the hostages), noting that the armed forces won’t take part in the operation and its role is limited to the siege of the region.

The entrances to the governorate of Sinai also witnessed a heavy security presence.

Security forces managed to identify the area where the kidnapped have been detained, according to the statement.

On the other hand, the Egyptian army intensified its presence in Sinai by sending more troops, getting ready for a possible military operation to release the seven kidnapped soldiers.

A military source in Sinai said troops are ready for launching the military operation for freeing the seven abducted soldiers and that troops were waiting for the zero hour.

The source added that a military operation to free the soldiers is ready, but they are still waiting for the orders of the president.

The special operations troops which have arrived in Sinai earlier are characterized by a high level of training as they contain members of the contingent 777 which is specialized in combating terrorism and the implementation of these operations.

First Undersecretary of Health Ministry in North Sinai Dr. Tareq Khater said the state of emergency was announced in all the governorate hospitals.

The Egyptian presidency said earlier that all options were open in dealing with the kidnappers of the Sinai soldiers and securing their release.

Police stations in North Sinai have announced a strike in support of the Rafah and Ouga crossings and in protest against the continuation of the crisis of the abducted soldiers.

The Rafah crossing with Gaza still closed for a fifth consecutive day on Tuesday. The police said they would not reopen Rafah crossing until their kidnapped colleagues were released.

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