A Story of A Syrian Village

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Oyoun Hsain is a small village located in the northeastern countryside of Homs with a population of less than 4000 people.
The area was not subjected to either armed or peaceful revolutionary movements, but it fell victim to shelling and other destructive measures.
A massacre was on the verge of occurring, but the Free Syrian Army intervened and stopped it by evacuating the villagers away.

However, many people were killed due to the continuous shelling by warplanes, artillery and tanks from the battalion next to the village. Mercenaries also broke into the village several times and killed people. In addition to that, more than 120 people were kidnapped. Until this moment, nobody knows anything about what happened to those kidnapped people.
The film shows the destruction in the village after the evacuation of its inhabitants.
The buildings’ ruins embed the village’s memory, the people’s properties and their children’s food.

The film authenticates the story of the village. The film is a call for humanity sent to the neighboring villages, where mercenaries live in and still support the regime. It reminds them of the past years when they lived peacefully together; when all the sects in Syria lived in peaceful coexistence.
The film aims to wake up the remnant of humanity and mercy in neighbors’ hearts; the friends yesterday and the executioners today.

00:47 This is Oyoun Hsain Al-Janoubiah with a population of 1700 to 2000 people

00:53 It was living a normal life with its neighbor villages, one of them is Al-Ameriah, Hsain Al-Shamaliah Oyoun Al-Dananeer and Al-Misherfih villages

01:01 The regime recruited these villages a long time ago to prevail the sectarian nature on the revaluation. We lived with them in peace and we had a cordiality relationships; real normal relationships

01:15 In the recent period, The Al-Ameriah people who were supported by Al-Asad gang. They were harassing the village all the time

01:24 They were threatening us by Dushka guns and Armed Ganges and striking us from near areas until they deported their own villages' people, then suddenly, and with no warning, they started to shell this small village

1:43 God is great, God is great, God is great!

01:51 Doesn't he have any mercy shelling us like? We don't have any guns. We don't have any thing. We don't have any weapons. We don't have anything

01:59 To take out our children from the debris. What did we do to him? Look at this. Have a look at how he shelled us. Look at that, people? Doesn't he fear God? What did we do to him ? What did we do? Look at that.

02:09 He destroyed the water tanks. He destroyed the lands, the windows, too. We have nothing anymore, nothing at all

02:16 This house, this house; he destroyed it above its people. The children and their mother were sitting here. They were sitting here, in this specific house. Does he need to pull it down on us? What did we do to him? The mercenaries came and stole the doors and the windows of the houses They left us nothing. They left us nothing. They stole everything.

02:26 What did we do to them? These are our houses. Destroyed, they are all pulled down

02:46 I couldn't take a Jar of Makdouse or olives from my house. I paid for this jar and preserve it to feed my children. He made me throw it away

02:57 This teapot, which I want to make tea with; I couldn't make tea for my children. He made me lose it

03:03 These are my children's clothes. Doesn't he fear God? What are these? These dishes, he broke these dishes to prevent us from eating or drinking, he wants to kill us. What is worse than that?

03:15 These lentils, I brought for my children and I couldn't take it with me

03:20 Doesn't he fear God to do that? Doesn't he fear God? What did we do to him?

03:26 My house, can I live in it now?

03:32 We called the free army, God bless them. They came and took out our children and wives and the old people. And we, the young people went with our wives and old people because we have nothing.

03:43 We don't have guns or weapons because we were living in peace. We were like a family.

03:47 The free army comes and asks us: what is the situation in here? We say, they are our family, our people, our brothers. Don't hurt them.

03:55 When the free army came we told them: don't harm them. They are our family, our brothers. We are living together, they wouldn't hurt us.

04:04 The free army goes. Until some day we went to beg the free army to ask them to take out our children and wives from the destroyed houses.

04:12 There were people sitting in here, people were sitting here. Imagine, people were sitting here, he shelled us with MiGs

04:19 Doesn't he fear God? I swear to God that is unbelievable

04:23 Look at that! We were sitting and watching TV. We were sitting, in the house here. Look at that, we didn't move anything.

04:32 Look at the glass. We were sitting peacefully. If the free army didn't come,

04:36 God bless them, God bless them, we wouldn't get out alive from here, we and our children and wives

04:41 And let them deal with the Asad gangs. We have nothing to do with them

04:45 We will come back to the village, against your will, against your will Asad gangs. We will come back to our village, God willing, with the free army's help.

04:55 The free army will bring us back to our village and protect us. We don't want your protection. We want the free army to protect us, because you betrayed us. We were with you, but you betrayed us.

05:05 You said the free army is armed gangs. They are not armed gangs. Now you are the armed gangs

05:10 You are shelling us with missiles. At least the armed gangs you were talking about is the free army, who is better than you. They didn't shell us with missiles. They took out our children from the debris, from the bricks. did you do for us? Tell me what did you do for us? You broke the electricity pedestals. These are your reforms?You are shelling us with cannons. Do it. Do it, we don't fear anyone but God.

05:31 We don't fear anyone but God. What do you have more? Do you have anything else to shell us with? You don't have any? Shell us, as much as you want.

05:45 My neighbors of the other sect. We sit together, eat the same food, drink the same water and we stay together. What did we do to them? Ask them, people, did we hurt them? We didn't hurt them, we didn't fight with them.

05:58 If they need anything, they come to me. If I need anything I go to them. What did we do to them? He destroyed our houses. He shelled us with cannons and tanks. What do we have to shell him back with? What do we have?

06:11 Where are the people? The people left are living in wild, under trees. Who is with us?Just us. Let him come to us. Let him come to kill us. What more does he have?

06:24 He shelled us with MiG, helicopters and exploding barrels. What these things are, we didn't know them before him. He threw barrels on us; cannons and tanks, he doesn't have anything else

06:35 He brought MiGs here to shell this store, MiG! A warplane! Squadron …Because we have? What makes him send a warplane? We have bomb action guns to fire on the Warplane. He sent the warplane, because we are making two hundred Syrian pounds a day.

06: 49 We thought that he has warplanes to fight Israel. He has it to fight us, Oyoun Hsain Al-Janoubiah village

06:56 Read this "Oyoun Hsain Al-Janouby school"

07:01 This school is for our children or not! Say that we are lying and this is not a school; that this is not a school. Is this a school or what? Whose this for? Isn't it for my children? Isn't it for my children?

07:14 Look at it, they shelled it. Look at it. They made holes in it

07:18 Have a Look inside it. They broke windows and doors. Have a look in here Look, This is the school, This is the school

07:54 "avant-garde promise""I promise in front of my classmates to be a perfect avant-garde -1" "To do my duty to the country, the party and the leader -2" to act according the law of the avant-garde and do good every -3"

"day "Directorate of Education in Homs" "Oyoun Al-Hsain Al-Janoubiah school C2" "first term exam 2006/2007" ":class" ":course" ":number" ":paper numbers" ":absence" ":corrector" ":checker" "Directorate of Education in Homs"

08:47 "Oyoun Hsain Al-Janouby school" "first circle"

08:50 Now, the shelling still going on in the village areas. So he shelled it with helicopters and MiG warplane. And he shelled the sensitive positions in this village.

09:03 He destroyed the mosques. He made them debris

09:07 He shelled the main water tank which nourishes the village with water and removed all life factors in it

09:33 We used to pray in this mosque, he destroyed it.

09:41 He destroyed this mosque; we were praying in it. He destroyed it by tanks

09:47 swear to God, he destroyed our mosque by tanks. Have a look, he destroyed all. We were praying in it

09:55 What were we doing but praying in here? He shelled us with cannon because we were praying? Doesn't he fear God? Don't you fear God? We were praying here. What were we doing? I swear we were praying here. Should you shell us with cannon because we were praying in here? Should you shell us with tank because we were praying? What are we doing against you?

10:22 There is a cannon near here, it's 130 caliber which is shelling the village constantly, also with tanks and mortars until it destroyed this village almost completely.

10:38 God is great, God is great. God is great, God is great. God is great - God is great.

10:53 Now there are no people in this village. Nobody lives in it but the resistor free army

11:32 Keep your head down

11:35 There is a tank over there. I hope that we hurt it. We attacked it last time. And there is a village over there. In the south, there is lots of mercenaries in it. There is a tank there, it attacks us, too. the cannons and the barracks are behind it

11:54 they are fortified and hiding

11:58 They made trenches

12:04 Of course we came in to take out the people. We took out all the people from the village to repel the Asad gangs who tried to make a Massacre in Oyoun Hsain village, I mean here in this village. We went in and took out all the people. Now we are sitting here in the front line to repel the gangs of the tyrant

12:28 He really is a tyrant

12:33 As you see, we are in the front lines, in rain, wind and cold weather. Thank God we are defeating them. God willing, they will not come forward any step here, God willing, we will go forward until we defeat him. Him and his mercenaries.

13:00 As you can see, here are our brothers. Here are our brothers

13:11 There is one hole, one sniper. You can come to see through the hole

13:27 They wanted to come in this small village to do a massacre here. Certainly nobody would know about this small village until a massacre takes place in it. Nobody knows about it so far. If a massacre took place in it, all people would know about it. We are a few in numbers who came in to take out the people

13:46 We have light weapons not big weapons, I mean small weapons. But thank God we made trenches. We are taking positions and can't leave this place at all because it's facing them.

14:04 We are completely facing them. So If we leave this place, they can come forward then as they have tanks, and they made trenches inside their area.

14:17 For what? We don't know

14:20 I hear you Abo-Abdo. We are coming for you God damn your soul. We are coming for you God damn your soul. We are coming for you God damn your soul. We are coming for you God damn your soul

14:40 Our neighbors are from the other sect; we are living together, eat same food and drink same water. We have nothing against them. He kept shelling us until he separated us and made it a sectarian issue. He is the one who made it like this. We were not sectarian people

14:55 He is shelling everyday. He calls for mercenaries to attack us. Why? What did we do to him? We don't want anything

15:02 We don't want anything anymore

15:07 Attack us. Leave, we don't want you anymore. We don't want you to stay in here

15:12 We are one family, we are neighbors. Our lands are next to yours. If the regime leaves or not, we are going to live together again. Don't think about it. Don't be drifted by the regime. Don't be drifted by the tyrant Bashar

15:25 Wake up, come back to your families, to your neighbors. We will be neighbors, families, forever.

15:32 He will do with you as he did with us. Don't think that he will leave you in peace. But we still one family

15:37 Wake up and go back to your village, to your people. I won't say more

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