Leishmania spreads in Syria

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Leishmania spreads in Syria.
A video report about this disease from the village of Maar Shourin which is located in the countryside of Idleb.

Due to the lack of basic amenities and health care in Syria, Leishmaniasis, a complex disease, has been affecting a large number of the population in Idleb, northern Syria. The disease is transmitted through the a bite of a sandfly, affecting different parts of the body, resulting in sores on the skin and welts. The sores, sometimes, get infected.

Since the basic conditions of the Syrian people is very poor, the disease is most likely to be fatal. Also, regarding the fact that wartime conditions compromise the immune system, this disease is bound to spread quickly.

The medicine required for treatment is scarce in Syria, but the people of Idlib are attempting to assist every infected person without a fee.

It is difficult, at the moment, to assess the number of Leishmaniasis cases in Syria, but the poor conditions showed that the disease will continue transmitting from one person to another.

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