Deir Ezzor 4: Hospital and Social Services

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00:00 - 01:05
Surgeons operate on a severely wounded person.

01:06 - 02:14
B-roll of hospital, patients and supplies.

02:15 - 03:35
Interview Ahmed, a volunteer with al-Rawafed

Ahmed: This money comes from private organisations that help our organisation in a complete and continuous manner, to help this organisation go on with its great and hard work. Like we've said before, our volunteers already work in all areas, in everything, the kitchen, the bakery the food shop to prepare the food. The organisation feeds more than 500 families. It is currently responsible for over 500 families in this city. As much as we can we try to find a protected place for the organisation and the volunteers out of fear for their safety and to enable them to keep preparing food and to distribute it. This is because of the ferocity of the bombardment under which the people of this city have suffered for a long time.

04:45 - 06:05: Interview with resident at al-Rawafed social centre

Resident: For us, the aid we currently receive is absolutely necessary. Every day they distribute bread that is basic food, and then there are additional things. The people cannot work, the shops are closed, the houses destroyed and everyone is out of work . The aid organisations help the citizens that have stayed in the country to live. Staying in our country is better than living refugee camp. This country is our country and will stay our country. The more it is destroyed and the more it decays, the more will we resist the bombardment. We can never abandon this country. I have no intention to go to a refugee camp.

R: The land is inhabited by it's people, we will properly live here again. We are calm and we are not afraid, No one else will live here. We will stay here and live here.

R: We do not care about this any more, the bombardments and the destruction. We are people who believe in God and fear no one but Him, he is the one who cares for us and protects us.

06:05 - 06:20
A child collecting bread

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