Deir Ezzor 5: Assault on Regime Airbase

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Driving towards the airport frontlines. All planes and helicopters used to bomb the city are based here. For more than a month the Free Syrian Army has been trying to storm the airbase. Civilian buildings alongside the road have been abandoned and mostly destroyed.

Following Free Syrian Army rebels to the frontline. They hide their positions in fields and farm land. Landscape surrounding the airport of Deir Ezzor. A conquered regime position in the background. Free Syrian Army trench and sniper positions. One commander shows an empty AK-47 magazine. His troops are suffering heavily from ammunition shortage.

01:46 - 03:10
Rebels moving towards the airport walls. They shoot an improvised mortar round at enemy positions. In the background an oil well is burning. Most mortar rounds are build in improvised factories in Deir Ezzor.

03:10 - 05:18
Rebels assemble a Russian anti-tank rocket, fire it at government positions, then run for cover.

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