6th International Hornbill Conference held in Makati (7 of 17)

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Different photographs and paintings of hornbills that are endemic to the Philippines are exhibited at the second floor of Ayala Museum in Makati.

6th International Hornbill Conference was held in the Philippines for the first time. The conference aims to bring together people studying or interested in hornbills to present and share studies, information and conservation techniques.
Delagates from Asia and Europe participated this conference on hornbill conservation which happens every four years.

It is discussed during the conference that Philippines is home to 16% of world's hornbills. Philippines has the most endemic hornbills in the world but ironically, Philippines has the most number of endangered species of hornbills.

According to Dr. Mundita Lim, Director of Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau in the Philippines, the Philippines spent 10 million pesos every year to rehabilitate and reforest a bald mountain but the government doesn't realize that hornbills play a vital role in propagating seeds and reforesting our forest....

After the conference, exhibit of photos and paintings of hornbills that are endemic to the Philippines are showcased.

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