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The Fall/Winter show at Argande, a more traditional line of Turkish clothing is shown at Istanbul Fashion Week in Istanbul Turkey.

In Istanbul designers are opening a new market in the world of fashion catering to more conservative Islamic consumers. These styles feature bright colors and modern cuts while still maintaining modesty and Islamic values. ALA Magazine, which means the most beautiful of the beautiful in Turkish, launched in 2011 features monthly spreads showing off the colorful head-scarves and wedding dresses women can purchase.

After a boom in the Turkish economy, many conservative consumers were left with a void in chic fashion. New companies are quickly filling the gap like designer Filiz Yetim, a wedding dress designer who's gowns retail at up to 4,000 USD. Chain stores like "Armine" are quickly spreading across the country, selling every day wear and evening gowns to female shoppers.

While high fashion may feature colorful prints and patterns, the designers are still basing their inspiration on traditional dress for Muslim women. "

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