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The area District 205 is located half an hour drive from the city centre of Baku.
When you meet people on the outskirts of the city they are friendly but not much to talk about the conditions that they endure.
It is dirty, dusty with poor infrastructure and buildings that in no way can match those of Baku. A working railway splits the area.

Although according to The World Bank and IFAD the nation has seen considerable improvements the last years. But the rural areas are still very impoverished. In the rural areas poverty was in 2008 at circa 18 percent and the national level was at 15,8 percent.

According to IFAD the problem is lack of development in the agricultural sector over recent decades. The conditions of farm labourers are very unfavourable and there are few alternative means of income in those areas. The lack of infrastructure and power supplies is a problem as well.

The most impoverished people are the around one million refugees and internally displaced persons. They come from the collapse of the Soviet Union and from Azerbaijan’s conflict with Armenia. These people are mainly being housed in urban areas and many rely on humanitarian aid for survival.
IFAD is an International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), a specialized agency of the United Nations

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