Beitar Jerusalem - a Club at War with Itself

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January 30 2013 Beitar Jerusalem, a top football club in the Israeli Premier League announced their two new signings, Chechen Muslim’s Zaur Sadayev and Gabriel Kadiev. The signings come as a shock to the clubs fans renowned for their vehement anti-Arab and anti-Muslim stance.
The club fan base known as “La Familia” shout slogans such as “Death to Muhammed” and “death to all Arabs”. On the 19th March 2012 a youtube video surfaced showing Beitar fans attacking two veiled Muslim women and their male companion, Arab janitors held back the fans and a fight ensued at the shopping mall until the police arrived. The fans actions reached such a critical point that even Likud MP, Reuben Rivlin, reprimanded the fans for their blatant racism.

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