Clashes In Beni Walid


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The Libyan authorities announced on Wednesday that they had seized control of Beni Walid and that the city was almost liberated.
But yesterday, clashes were still going on in the city centre.
Thousands of people left the city in the last few days.

Footage from the road between Tarhouna (80 km north of Bani Walid) and Bani Walid, 2 km outside the town.

People interviewed are all inhabitants from Bani Walid trying to go back to their homes.

- Man number 1  : " There are armed militias that belong to the brigade 28"

  • Man number 2 : " They have blocked our streets "

  • Reporter : " Who did? "

  • Man number 2 : " The brigade 28 " 

  • Reporter : " Brigade 28 of Beni Walid right? "

  • Man number 2 : " Yes, yes indeed "

  • Reporter : " And you, what were you doing? "

  • Man number 2 : " I was going home where I sleep... eat... "

  • Reporter : " When did you leave your house? "

  • Man number 2 : "Two days ago"

  • Reporter : " I see.. Two days. And what do you think? Is it possible for you to go back to your house? "

  • Man number 2 : " No, it is not easy to come back to Beni Walid. We were supposed to be allowed to get in by 10 o'clock by the name of the government and when it was 10 o'clock we weren't allowed. It was impossible for us to get back in Beni Walid."

  • Man number 3 : " We have been staying in the desert, and everyone is sick. As you can see, in our country we have the brigade 28 that is stealing our houses ." 

  • Man number 4 : " They have been shooting at us, we just want to know why they are making us leave our houses and our land. They are stealing our houses, our gold and cars. I came here today because I want to go back home, to my house but they are stolen and we are trying to protect our home and houses. Why is the media allowed to get in and not us?? They are not letting me in. "

  • Man number 5 : " Look at us! Where are we going to sleep and eat now? What are we going to do now? Where is the libyan people? Where is the government? Do you think I carry a gun now? I don't. But look at them, pointing weapons and guns at us. What are we supposed to do now? It has been a week today since we have been sleeping in the desert, where do we go now? "

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