In the competitive and evolving world of international media, we are an industry-changing gateway where the world’s cutting edge video and photo storytellers share their stories with the world and our client base of over 250 media outlets.

Become a member

Sign up and fill your profile, its your CV to our publishers and to our team.

After you have signed up and created your TTM profile you are free to upload any video and photo content to the website.

The content you upload should be complete and ready to sell, as if you are submitting a piece to an editor.

Our editorial team reviews the content and assesses its salability. If the content is seen to have potential it is approved and passed to our sales team. The website acts as an online open marketplace where buyers can browse content and purchase at will.

If the content is seen to have potential it is approved and passed to our sales team who will actively pitch the content to our network of over 250 publishers.

Get commissioned

Once our contributor acquisition team has vetted you as a journalist and assessed your ability, you are added to our list of go to journalists for the geographical area you are in. When a story request comes up, or when there is an ongoing story quota from our publisher you will be called on to produce stories. If your style meets the buyer’s need, you will be regularly called on to continually produce for the given buyer.

When you are a part of the on-demand news™ model you always remain a freelance journalist and are under no binding contract or obligation to produce exclusively for Transterra Media.

Make money!

TTM’s purpose is to further the selling potential of your work and give you a platform to find the right buyers for your material.

If you are selling pre-produced content through TTM, we usually split profits on a 70-30 % basis, with 70 % going to you the contributor. There are exceptions to this, but this is the general rule.

If you are working in the on-demand news™ model, you will be paid a set rate for each story, which is determined by an agreement between TTM and the publisher. In some cases there are opportunities to be commissioned for multiple stories by the same buyer over the course of a month.