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James Morgan - El Alto, Boliva
Brands and Creative Agencies

For custom video and photo campaigns, come to us with a full brief or let us work with you to source storylines directly from our network of journalists and filmmakers. Our in-house team of producers and creative talent will work alongside you to craft the perfect editorial direction for your campaign or individual stories.

News Broadcasters, Publishers and Production Houses

For assignments, breaking news, or archival research, come to us with your storyline, production standards, and deadline, and we'll find the perfect journalist(s) for your story, photos or footage. We take care of full production logistics, insurance, payment, and delivery. Looking for story ideas? Have our journalists pitch story ideas directly to you. 

George Nickels - Cambodia
NGOs, Governments and Charities

For mission-driven organizations, our filmmakers and journalists can help you craft the perfect stories about the vital work you do, wherever you do it. Come to us with the stories you want to tell, and we'll manage your entire production from idea to distribution.


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