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23 Apr 2013 08:00

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French Embassy hit by Car Bomb in Tri...
Tripoli, Libya
By Tripcarbons
23 Apr 2013

Bomb explosion at 7.05 am. First attack of its kind on an Embassy in Tripoli.
Security guards and people living near by have been hospitalised.

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Islamic Fashion in Istanbul (35 of 40)
Istanbul, Turkey
By Monique Jaques
15 Mar 2013

The Fall/Winter show at Argande, a more traditional line of Turkish clothing is shown at Istanbul Fashion Week in Istanbul Turkey.

In Istanbul designers are opening a new market in the world of fashion catering to more conservative Islamic consumers. These styles feature bright colors and modern cuts while still maintaining modesty and Islamic values. ALA Magazine, which means the most beautiful of the beautiful in Turkish, launched in 2011 features monthly spreads showing off the colorful head-scarves and wedding dresses women can purchase.

After a boom in the Turkish economy, many conservative consumers were left with a void in chic fashion. New companies are quickly filling the gap like designer Filiz Yetim, a wedding dress designer who's gowns retail at up to 4,000 USD. Chain stores like "Armine" are quickly spreading across the country, selling every day wear and evening gowns to female shoppers.

While high fashion may feature colorful prints and patterns, the designers are still basing their inspiration on traditional dress for Muslim women. "

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Cyno's goat
Kampala, Uganda
By Amy Hume
08 Jan 2011

Upon winning 100 USD in the MC Challenge, Cyno MC used the money to buy a goat so that he could share his wealth. He wanted his friends to have a full stomach.

Hip Hop is a global phenomena that reaches nearly all corners of the Earth. Starting in the projects of NYC nearly 40 years ago, struggling youth from Mongolia to Rwanda use music as a weapon to express their situations, hopes, and dreams. Though Hip Hop culture is new to Uganda, it is becoming popular with people of all ages, but with the youth in particular. Hip Hop music is reaching the smallest of villages, as I witnessed in the war-torn area of Gulu. Access to music is free, which is an essential aspect of why Hip Hop is spreading like wildfire.
In 2009, End of the Weak (EOW), a collaboration of MCs, graffiti artists, break dancers and DJs that spans 17 countries, reached Uganda. All chapters of EOW are involved with community outreach, workshops for youth and exude positive influence in their communities through Hip Hop culture. The MC Challenge is a competition in each country wherein the winners gather at the World Finals, which are held in a different country each year. The MC Challenge is held in the central, eastern, western and northern regions of Uganda so that many different languages are represented in the competition. Winners of the MC Challenge are provided studio time, video production and photo shoots as a way to share and promote their music.

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Cairo By Tok Tok (8 of 26)
shubra el khaymah, Egypt
By Teo Butturini
22 Mar 2013

A horse-cart carrying gas tanks is seen in the middle of the traffic of Shobra El Kheima (Cairo, Egypt). It is easy to sport them nn the suburbs, as they come from outside the city to sell vegetables or looking for random jobs to earn money.

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Camel Wrestling in Turkey (2 of 16)
Istanbul, Turkey
By Jodi Hilton
02 Feb 2013

Pelitkoy, Turkey--Camels are decorated with handmade decorations made of felt, beads and shells.

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FSA fighter carries old man away from...
Aleppo, Syria
By Jean Carrere
26 Oct 2012

An FSA fighter carries an elderly man across a street to avoid government sniper fire next to the Karm el-Jabal frontline in Aleppo. The old man, reluctant to let the fighting affect his daily walks, is too slow to avoid the army's sniper, and often gets assistance from the rebels.

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The Last Church in Benghazi (5 of 14)
Benghazi, Libya
By Tripcarbons
14 Apr 2013

Two Muslim women walk past the locked entrance to the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

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Bahraini Clashes
Sitra, Bahrain
By Benjamin Hall
22 Apr 2013

Bahraini protesters clash with riot police in Shiite villages surrounding the capital Manama.

Young protesters wave the Bahrain flag while yelling "Fall to Hamad" (Hamad being King Hamad Ibn Issa Al Khalifa of Bahrain)

The crowd is yelling "peaceful protest"

Security forces throw what appears to be tear gas at protesters.
The crowd is yelling "Allah Akbar (God is Great)"

The crowd runs from the tear gas

The protesters are throwing rocks at security forces from behind a wooden barricade.

The protesters throw what appears to be tear gas canisters back at the security forces.

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Migrants (27 of 43)
Calais, France
By Carsten Snejbjerg
02 Apr 2010

Migrant trying to get cover for the rain in the 'jungle'. The 'jungle' are the place where the migrants are sleeping at night. Since the French police cleared and then bulldozed the makeshift forest camp - known as the "Jungle" - near the northern city of Calais the migrants have been force to sleep on the street, under bridges and in the area of the trains.

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Dos Americas: The Reconstruction of N...
New Orleans, Lousiana, USA
By upheavalproductions
28 Jan 2011

Post-Katrina reconstruction is still in progress throughout the Gulf Coast, with much of the city of New Orleans still in ruins. Set two and half years following the hurricane, this documentary focuses on those rebuilding this city, through interviews with some of the estimated 100,000 Latino migrant laborers who converged in this area after the storm. Despite terrible working conditions, massive fraud, a housing crisis, severe harassment by law enforcement, and very limited resources, New Orleans’ Latino community has mushroomed since the storm and is establishing an infrastructure proportional to its size.

Take a look at how this community is organizing to defend itself against numerous injustices and the attempts to bridge the gap between themselves as new residents and the pre-Katrina population, all within the extremely unique and tragic context of post-Katrina New Orleans.

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The Will Of Maickel
Caracas, Venezuela
By @LatAmSight
15 Aug 2012

Maickel Melamed was born in 1975 with a physical motor deficiency. In 2011 he ran the New York marathon. This year he will run in Berlin. Maickel has run five marathons in four years, when just one was supposedly impossible.

Maickel training indoors, B Roll:

“En ese momento cuando crees que no, es donde sigues. En ese momento donde todo te dice oscuridad, es donde tú crees en la luz así no la veas. Todo lo contrario: cuando no ves la luz, es cuando más la atraes."

“In that exactly moment when you think you can’t make it, you just have to keep going. That moment where everything says dark, is where you believe in light, even if you cannot see it. When you can’t see the light, is when you most attract it.”

Maickel training outdoors:

“Si a mí me dijeron que yo no iba a vivir, me dijeron que yo no iba a caminar, me dijeron que yo no iba a subir montañas, me dijeron que yo no iba a hablar bien y soy conferencista desde hace más de diez años.”

“I was told that I would die, that I would never walk, that I would never climb a mountain that I would never talk properly, and I have been speaking in lectures for more than 10 years.”

Maickel Melamed:

“A cada no le fuimos poniendo un sí, y ese es el sí que le queremos regalar a cada ser humano.”

“Instead of NO we say YES, and that YES is our gift to every single human being.”

Maritza de Melamed, Maickel's mother:

“Él, como dice su papá, como que se prueba y a la vez es algo como una función que él tiene una cosa que él tiene como un deber, cómo te puedo decir yo, como algo así que él mismo se lo ha propuesto.”

“He, as his father says, he (Maickel) tests himself, and at the same time it is like a duty he must accomplish, as I can tell you, he meets what he proposes.”

Maickel Melamed:

“Sentía que cada vez que yo hacía algo, que me llevaba más allá de mis propios límites, los límites de mi entorno también se expandían, entonces entendí que eso era quizá la diferencia que yo tengo para aportar.”

“I was feeling that every time that I’ve achieved something that took me beyond my limits, my limits were expanded as well, then I think that maybe that is the difference with what I have to give.”

Maickel training outdoors, B Roll:

“Y vivimos buscando nuestra diferencia y yo creo que esa es nuestra búsqueda primaria cuál es nuestra diferencia."

“We live looking for that which makes us different, I believe that this is our main basic quest, what sets us apart.”

Mr. and Mrs. Melamed, B Roll:

“Yo le diría a todos esos padres que tienen una situación como la que se me presentó a mí, de que..."

“I would to like say all those fathers who have a situation as I've been presented with Maickel, that...”

Alberto Melamed, Maickel's father:

“esos muchachos vinieron a esta vida por algo, y nosotros estamos en la obligación de darles todo el cariño y todo el apoyo que podemos darles para poderlos sacar adelante.”

“...this guy came into this life for something, and we are under the obligation to give them all the love and care, and all the support that we can, to keep them moving forward by themselves.”

Crossing the finish line, NY Marathon, B Roll: Natural Sounds

Maickel training, B Roll:

“El entrenamiento es muy intenso, son seis días a la semana, aproximadamente tres horas y media diarias a veces más, hay largos de ocho horas y media de entrenamiento.”

“Training is quite intense, six days per week, almost four hours per day, but sometimes we reach almost nine hours.”

Maickel Melamed:

“Es un entrenamiento muy intenso diseñado específicamente para mi persona, cada ser humano es diferente.”

“Is a very tough training, specially designed for me, every human is different.”

“Esto es dedicado a todos esos seres humanos que tienen esos sueños adentro y que están esperando una chispita para despertarlos e ir en búsqueda de ellos.”

“This is dedicated to those human beings that have dreams, for those who are waiting for something to spark their life, wake up and go for it.”

End of NY Marathon, B Roll: Natural Sounds

Short Documentary
Country: Venezuela
Director: Placido Garrido
Editorial Producer: Alvaro Mendoza Saad
@LAtAmSight 2012

Restrictions: Featured and licensed by TELEMUNDO to all American continent (from Patagonia, Argentina to Alaska, USA)